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Our motto, "The Great Joy of Serving Others," is exemplified by Phi Kappa Psi's commitment to community service. Phi Kappa Psi was founded upon this ideal, and it is our belief that service to one's community helps develop us as men of integrity and is the greatest compliment to our education. There is no more powerful way to affect the world than a member's care for his community and fellow man. Therefore, service and Phi Kappa Psi go hand in hand.

Service in Phi Kappa Psi takes on many meanings: our chapters are involved in their local communities through many fine organizations, and our members take on important roles on campus to better the experience of students who will come later. Every April, Phi Kappa Psi members across the country unite in a day of service to reinforce our bonds with our communities and one another.

"The Great Joy of Serving Others" is more than a motto. It is a tradition in Phi Kappa Psi dating to our Founders, William Henry Letterman and Charles Page Thomas Moore, caring for classmates at Jefferson College during an epidemic even before the Fraternity existed. Through service to our communities, Phi Psis connect our past to our future.

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Since July 8, 2004 Phi Kappa Psi has been proud to be partnered with our national philanthropic partner, Boys and Girls Clubs of America (BGCA), which has served as a leading organization in terms of enabling young people to do good things with their lives for over 100 years. It provides young people, ages 6-18, with guidance-oriented character programs. There are millions of Americans from countless walks of life, each with their own success story. Ask them where it all started and the answer for many will be the same: their local Boys & Girls Club. Such testimony speaks to the profound impact Clubs have on kids, as a positive place where hope and opportunity meet. Each of us has the power to shape a young life and help a child to "be great."

The Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity encourages its members to interact with Boys & Girls Clubs in their local area. Boys & Girls Clubs are recognized leaders in the field of youth development and after-school programming. Involvement with the Club in your community will provide many opportunities to express the Phis Psi motto "The Great Joy of Serving Others," strengthening public relations while giving back to the community. 

Further guidance is available on both the BGCA website and in the Resource Library on the Phi Psi Experience: 

  • Click here to access the dedicated portion of the BGCA website describing this partnership. 
  • Click here to access helpful materials available on the Phi Psi Experience about how to contact and team up with the Boys & Girls Club(s) in your area.

To help strengthen this partnership, please send your ideas, success stories, and news clippings to the Phi Kappa Psi Headquarters so that they may be shared with our larger brotherhood. Also, check out our 'Adopt a Club' movement on a national level!


Members of our chapter at San Diego State complete an event with their local BGCA club

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Adopting a Boys & Girls Club

Join Phi Kappa Psi in supporting the efforts of a local chapter and their local club

We are proud of our national partnership with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. But, we also recognize that so much of our work is done on the local level. We are at our best with our chapters volunteering within their local communities to make our world a better place. In 2011-12, Phi Psi chapters volunteered for over 27,000 hours and raised over $100,000 for our friends at BGCA.

For the second straight year, we are "adopting" a local Boys & Girls club, in conjunction with a local chapter/association, and encouraging our members to help improve the lives of children in a particular area. It provides a targeted goal, worthy cause and also varies our attention to the dozens of chapters doing great work each and every day....

Boys & Girls Clubs of Manatee County - South Florida Gulf Coast AA

This campaign is officially closed. While we did not hit our goal of $6,200, we are extremely pleased to award the Boys & Girls Club of Manatee County with a check in the amount of $4,855.57! Thank you to everyone who donated!

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Manatee County serve over 1,600 children annually, empowering students to enrich their lives and offer an alternative to the dangers and enticements awaiting them on the streets. Our alumni from the South Florida Gulf Coast Alumni Association wanted to engage more with our national philanthropic partner and have gotten heavily involved in the past, including assisting with a Christmas Tree sale to raise funds for the club, and donating Earth Boxes to the club as a teaching tool for students.

But, like any local non-profit, there are financial needs at the club that have been brought to our attention. In order for students to take advantage of the club's various resources, they must get there. For most, that means utilizing the club's various forms of transportation (buses, vans). The fleet is aging and in constant need of repair. With a budget of over $60,000 annually to maintain the fleet, and knowing new vehicles will need to get purchased soon, it was a perfect place to act.


Our goal for 2012-13 is to raise $6,200. You can read the entire statement of need from the club below. We encourage our chapters and associations to find ways to raise money for the cause. Individual donations are welcome too. To contribute as a group, please make checks payable to 'Boys & Girls Clubs of Manatee County' and mail to the Phi Kappa Psi National HQ for processing. Thank you to those groups helping us out:

Virginia Eta (VCU) - Our first chapter to step up, the brothers from VCU did some fundraising on campus to cut a generous check of $808.57. For the third straight year, our men partnered with a sorority to host the "Romantic Raffle Valentines Day Drawing." Teaming with Zeta Tau Alpha, the chapter sold raffle tickets for four gift cards, drawing the winners on the Monday before Valentine's Day so people could take their dates out if they chose. Thank you to a fine group of young men!

Tennessee Delta (Vanderbilt) - Amid the excitement, work and scheduling surrounding a re-chartering, our newest group of active undergraduates also found a way to get involved by raising some money. Thank you for over $680 to the cause! 

North Texas AA - Not only did a passing of the hat at Founders Day produce some individual showing of support, but the association also chipped in money from the treasury to make a total donation of $328.

South Florida Gulf Coast AA - The association that brought this need to our attention held its Founders Day on February 23 and the brothers passed the hat to the 40 or so in attendance and raised a quick $584. Thank you for setting an example!

Alabama Alpha and Alabama Beta - At a joint Founders Day celebration (yes, Alabama and Auburn folks can coexist in the same room!), brothers generously combined forces to write a check for $225.

West Virginia Alpha - With a philanthropy event looming with a sorority on campus, the brothers at West Virginia wanted a way to showcase the Fraternity's dedication to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. Remembering the red wristbands Phi Psis wore at the 2012 GAC (and still available for purchase), the chapter arranged to get enough for all participants at its event in exchange for a $150 donation to our national campaign!

Sacramento AA - Brothers generously opened up their wallets to contribute $170 to the cause.

Statement of Need from BGCA of Manatee County

Presently our greatest barrier which prevents access of disadvantaged youth to BGCMC's comprehensive programming is transportation. A dynamic answer to the transportation barrier is development of a fleet of buses to assure safe transport to and from the clubs. 

Transporting children and youth to and from BGCMC after school, school break, and summer programs is a critical component of assuring that economically disadvantaged youngsters can take advantage of BGCMC comprehensive programming. A conservative estimate is that there are hundreds of Manatee County youth and families who might benefit from BGCMC programming, if transportation can be resolved. Unsupervised and without positive youth development activities, these are children and youth at high risk of negative activity in the community. 

Presently our fleets of buses are very old and are in constant need of major repairs. We have budgeted to spend $62,000 in 2013 on fuel and maintenance on our fleet of buses. On any given day one or more of our buses is pulled off the road for repair thus impacting our ability to efficiently transport a portion of the nearly 1600 children who utilize our programs and this service. We recently contracted a company to maintain and certify our buses. In doing so, they have determined that we are in severe need of replacing a minimum of two of the buses, additionally we have a 15 passenger van, in need of repairs, which we feel strongly that we should remove it from service and replace it with a used minibus. 

Transporting from 32 different schools to our Clubs is a daunting, expensive but necessary task in order to provide hope and opportunity to the children in our community through our after school and school break programming. When a bus or two is down, we end up serving fewer children. 

More children in our clubs mean fewer children without supervision. By spending time with us after school, they're not alone. Instead of joining a gang, they're joining our clubs. Instead of listening to thugs or drug dealers on the street, they're listening to our staff. We steer children down the right path so they don't take the wrong road. 

Your financial support to address one of our budgets greatest expenses - Transportation Fuel and Repair would make a major impact on our ability to safely and efficiently serve the children in our community who need us most.
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