Member Resources en-us Thu, 18 Jan 2018 23:04:07 -0700 Chapter Accreditation Resources The 2017-2018 Phi Kappa Psi Chapter Accreditation Program is the way the National Fraternity evaluates and recognizes its chapters. This program is the outcome of many hours of research and review of feedback from members and constituents. This version of accreditation comes with a number of significant changes and enhancements which are briefly outlined below:

  1. All forms and documentation are submitted electronically
  2. Minimum standards (core standards) for chapters to be in Good Standing with the Fraternity
  3. Annual Evaluation
  4. Dispersion of Responsibilities - multiple officers, committee chairmen and other members submit necessary forms on Officer Portal

Chapter Documents

  1. Dues and Premiums
  2. Year at a Glance
  3. Risk Management Policies
  4. Risk Management Overview

Chapter Accreditation Submission Guidelines:

  1. 2017-2018 Accreditation Overview
  2. Accreditation by Position
  3. Accreditation by Date

If you have any questions or concerns, please email Alex Vickery-Holland at

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Discount Programs
In terms of purchasing merchandise of a Phi Psi nature, we have dozens of licensed vendors that create any number of personalized products. You are welcome to visit our gateway of licensed vendors HERE. You can also shop for Phi Psi-specific merchandise (t-shirts, hoodies, badges, books, flags, neck ties, etc.) through our own secure shop

But, beyond the boundary of Phi Psi related merchandise is a network of vendors offering discounted products and services simply for being a member of our fraternity. Download this PDF file for details on these benefits.

Geico logo web.gif
As a Phi Kappa Psi member, you could qualify for an exclusive member savings opportunity

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As an member of Phi Kappa Psi, you are entitled to specially negotiated rates and benefits at both brands plus a free membership into the Emerald Club program. 

Brooks Brothers logo web.gif
Gentlemen need to dress for success, and we can help you take care of updating your wardrobe through this partnership. 

Hyatt Logo web.gif
The Fraternity has been fortunate to partner with the Hyatt for several of our best Grand Arch Councils, including Indianapolis in 2008 and San Antonio in 2014. That relationship allows our members to take advantage of discounted rates.

Veritas Prep web.gif
Phi Kappa Psi is proud to have joined forces with Veritas Prep, a global leader in graduate school admission consulting and test (GMAT) preparation, for discounted services. 

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Are you an aspiring attorney looking to pass the BAR? The Bar Key is web-based software designed to improve and expedite Bar Exam preparation, and you can get a discount!  

Phi Psi Wine.gif
Get your own, personalized bottle of wine, while also representing the Fraternity. With a couple of unique styles, these bottles have become big ticket items for alumni gatherings and events all over the country. Phi Kappa Psi members also get a discount when purchasing. 

Card Gnome for web.gif
Get your first greeting card for free and help benefit the Phi Psi Foundation when you use the members-only code!


Want a personalized prep experience to fit your learning style, schedule, and budget?  Get into your top choice school choosing a test prep company that delivers guaranteed results with expert instructors. 

Phi Kappa Psi and family receive 10% off The Princeton Review Classroom and Online courses for the GMAT  LSATMCATGRESATACT and PSAT as well as private tutoring packages.  

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Donate and Make a Difference! $20 Goes a Long Way to Helping Your Brothers
While we as an organization rely heavily on the in-person involvement of our alumni and the sacrifice of their precious time to work with, coach, and mentor our chapters to success, we also recognize that, for many of our undergraduates, finances are a huge obstacle they must fight to overcome every semester. 

These members rely heavily on the generous donation of caring, invested alumni for chapter scholarship funds, national scholarships, and subsidies that afford them the opportunity to attend once-in-a-lifetime programs such as the American Leadership Academy and the Woodrow Wilson Leadership School. 

And while there are many who are fortunate enough to be in a position to give generously large donations, all it really takes is each one of our over 70,000 living alumni to give as little as $20 a year to make an even larger impact on the lives of our undergraduates. 

SWGP A. Scott Noble Texas '81 and the Executive Council are setting the bar high, and challenging our alumni to give back to the Fraternity, to help out those of our members who are less fortunate, and provide the opportunity for all of our members to receive access to the high quality programming and education our Fraternity provides. 

Follow this link to donate as little as $20 and help shape the lives of our undergraduate members for the better. 
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Officer Portal Thu, 11 Feb 2016 00:00:00 -0700 Phi Kappa Psi Store Mon, 28 Mar 2016 00:00:00 -0700 PhiPsi Mobile App
Watch this quick video to see more of what the app has to offer.

Email Banner2.png

Key Features

Send Alerts: Last-minute changes can derail plans that have been in the works for weeks. The alert feature allows you to send notifications directly to members' phones, ensuring they receiving updates quickly.

Chats: The chat feature can be used to facilitate communication outside of meetings. A chat can include all brothers or only a specific group, allowing members to discuss business, topics, etc. Only those in the chat group can see the conversations.

Contacts/Profiles: This feature contains all contact information for members in your chapter or alumni association. It provides easy access to one another via mobile phone or email and also provides a simple way to contact the National Fraternity Headquarters staff.

Calendar: This is a digital calendar where you can keep all of your events organized. House everything in one place to make organizing your events simple.

Polling: This allows members to easily pose questions to the group and get anonymous feedback instantly. This has been popular for groups looking to get feedback during meetings about a variety of topics. 

Connect your Google Docs: If you use Google Docs, you're able to connect your Google Drive directly to the app, allowing your members easy access to key documents relevant to their role(s). 
New features are always being added to the app. In fact, most of our new features start as recommendations by students for improving the app. Forty chapters and colonies have already chosen to download the application. 
Privacy Concerns
Despite the success of the app, brothers have expressed privacy concerns. The app is built intentionally to maintain your privacy and streamline how you communicate with one another. The messaging feature allows you to discuss an assortment of topics with your chapter. Only the people inside the chat group can see the chat history.
Activating Your Chapter/Alumni Association
Enrolling your chapter in the app is simple; send your request to Once we receive your email, we will send an activation email to every member of your chapter. The email will include login information, a simple tutorial and instructions for admin privileges. 

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LaunchPoint Solutions Recruitment Training LaunchPoint Logo.jpgThe Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity has partnered with LaunchPoint Solutions to provide a valuable growth opportunity to chapters. LaunchPoint is a professional organization dedicated to providing recruitment support to fraternities and sororities across the country through individual coaching and group programs. LaunchPoint provides year-round recruitment coaching assistance by expert coaches, some of whom have been in the field for over 20 years.

Recruitment coaching includes: 

  1. A two-day on-campus coaching experience, including meetings with the chapter, individual officers and volunteers
  2. Two telephone calls each month between the recruitment coach and recruitment chair to track progress
  3. Unlimited email support
  4. A final action plan designed by the chapter's leadership and the recruitment coach

All Phi Kappa Psi chapters are able to pay for coaching at a discounted cost. If you think the chapter at your institution would benefit from this, or if you would like for LaunchPoint to work with other groups in your community, please contact David Stollman.

Through an application process, 20 chapters were selected for the opportunity to work with LaunchPoint Solutions for this upcoming year.


Chapter Designation

California State University, Northridge

CSUN Colony

Case Western Reserve University

Ohio Epsilon

Creighton University

Nebraska Beta

Drexel University

Pennsylvania Upsilon

East Carolina University

North Carolina Beta

Edinboro University

Pennsylvania Xi

Georgia Institute of Technology

Georgia Beta

Houston Baptist University

Texas Zeta

Rowan University

New Jersey Epsilon

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

New Jersey Gamma

SUNY Buffalo

New York Eta

Texas Tech University

Texas Beta

University of Akron

Ohio Iota

University of Georgia

Georgia Alpha

University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Louisiana Beta

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Minnesota Beta

University of Oklahoma

Oklahoma Alpha

University of the Sciences in Philadelphia

Pennsylvania Sigma

University of Toledo

Ohio Eta

Vanderbilt University

Tennessee Delta

If you have any questions about this recruitment coaching opportunity, please contact Senior Director of Chapter Operations, Ronald Ransom.

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OmegaFi Chapter Financial Management PhiPsiWebsiteBanner-tracks.jpg

Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity has chosen OmegaFi to provide financial management software, training and support to undergraduate chapters and house corporations. Phi Kappa Psi organizations are encouraged to utilize the chapter finance and management tools provided by OmegaFi to streamline operations, enrich data quality and improve their financial performance. 

OmegaFi currently works with more than 2,500 fraternity and sorority clients on over 600 campuses, collecting on average $1 million in payments per day. More than 20 of our chapters currently work with OmegaFi and possess a collection rate surpassing 97%. Imagine what your chapter or house corporation could do with a collection rate above 97%.

OmegaFi's Vault

OmegaFi offers a complete financial management solution. This includes six core components:

  1. OmegaFi sends paper and electronic bills to members on behalf of chapters.
  2. Members make payments to OmegaFi by phone, mail or online. OmegaFi accepts checks, e-checks, money orders, credit cards and debit cards.
  3. Deposits are made every day so funds are available in either a chapter's local bank account or an OmegaFi Bill Pay fund.
  4. With the Bill Pay fund, chapters can pay bills by check or with the Officer Purchasing Visa Card.
  5. Revenue and expenses (when paid with Bill Pay) are reported in the system automatically.
  6. OmegaFi helps the chapter complete its IRS form 990
  7. Account managers support the transition from one officer to the next.

Perks of Working with OmegaFi

More Money with successful billing and collections Avoid the IRS with simple tax filing
Get Mobile Access for officers, advisors, members and parents Ditch the Binder when OmegaFi conducts treasurer transition for you
Stick to Your Budget with new, easy spending solutions Forget the Frustration with safety, security and peace of mind

To setup a demo or begin fall billing, contact the OmegaFi team at or by phone at (800) 276-6342

Already using Vault and need to contact OmegaFi? Call your Account Manager at (800) 276-6342.

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