Unique Undergraduate Control

Since 1886, Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity has been controlled by undergraduates. This unique system of governance is achieved by our governing body, the Executive Council, which is made up of a majority of elected undergraduates. These undergraduates, known as Archons, represent the six Districts of Phi Kappa Psi, which divide the nation into roughly equal parts based on the number of chapters represented. Archons are elected during meetings of each District during Woodrow Wilson Leadership School, held during odd-numbered years. Four alumni also serve on the Executive Council and are elected at Grand Arch Councils, held during even-numbered years.

Undergraduates are also in control of our chapters. While each chapter has an Alumni Advisory Committee and a House Corporation Board made up of alumni, those bodies serve to help undergraduates keep a sense of continuity and act as hands-on mentors to undergraduate leaders. Chapter meetings are officiated by undergraduate officers, from the president calling the meeting to order, to the recording secretary taking minutes. Phi Psi is proud of its system, which is unique in the interfraternal world because of the responsibility we give to our undergraduates to perpetuate the Fraternity.

Current Executive Council Members

President                James D. Boyle Washington '88

Vice President        Shannon E. Price Alabama '88 

Treasurer                Mike Flechas Ole Miss '99

Secretary                David Moyer Alabama '91

District I Archon       Austin Shission Rhode Island '16

District II Archon      Hunter Music Ashland '14

District III Archon     Garrett Himstedt Ball State '16

District IV Archon     Drake Broussard Lousiana Lafayette '16

District V Archon      Robin Bajpai Kansas '17

District VI Archon     Luis Gonzalez UC Irvine '16