The Canonsburg Corporation

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The Canonsburg Corporation is a board of Phi Kappa Psi members that recognize that the future stability and strength of our Fraternity will depend on the maintenance and safety of our chapter properties. Considered the "National Housing Corporation," it serves as a resource for our local corporations in terms of housing assistance.

To get a full understanding, watch this informative webinar about Canonsburg from March 28, 2012.

Click here to view the Canonsburg Corporation Board.

The Canonsburg Corporation can provide loans to local groups in a variety of housing areas:
  • Life Safety Loans - sprinklers, fire-prevention systems, fire doors, extinguishers, etc.
  • Property Improvement Loans - renovation projects, updates, etc.
  • Second Mortgage Loans - house refinancing loans or support in purchasing a property and acquiring credit
  • Line of Credit Loans - bridge money to complete campaigns or start a project
  • Communication Program Loans - seed money to start an alumni communication program

To download a copy of the loan application, click here.

The Canonsburg Corporation is funded, in part, by an undergraduate assessment of members. Those undergraduate members that currently are housed and paying into the Fraternity's national property insurance program are assessed an annual fee. With that fee comes benefits for the local corporation, including multiple discounts to a variety of housing vendors. You can access a list of benefits in the Resource Library by logging on to the Phi Psi Experience.

Currently, the Canonsburg Corporation has provided financial assistance to the following groups:

California Delta - University of Southern California
CA Delta.jpg

In need of some renovations to their property, the men from our Southern Cal chapter received a loan from Canonsburg to complete the projects without jeopardizing the protection of their cash reserves.

Florida Alpha - Florida State University
Florida Alpha.jpg

In order to compete on their campus, being housed was a necessity for a growing chapter. Our men at Florida State demonstrated the ability to grow and survive, allowing them to move into the brand new, university-owned Heritage Grove facility. The apartment-style concept allows the brothers to live in a block together and have a common area for chapter purposes. But, they needed a deposit that the chapter and young house corporation couldn't afford. Enter the Canonsburg Corporation to help with the down payment.

Illinois Delta - University of Illinois (Champaign)
Chapter House Exterior compressed.jpg

A loan from Canonsburg allowed for the installation of a new sprinkler system, fulfilling a requirement mandated by the university in this 106-year-old property.

Michigan Alpha - University of Michigan
MI Alpha.jpg

Having been a group leasing space for a long period of time, an opportunity arose for the brothers at Michigan to own their own property again. When a house became available, a capital campaign was in the early works. Canonsburg provided the loan that helped with the down payment on the property and got Michigan Alpha in the door of their new home.

Tennessee Epsilon - University of Tennessee
TN Epsilon - Tennessee.jpg
Canonsburg provided a loan to the brothers at TN Epsilon to renovate all of the restrooms and downstairs facilities in the chapter house.

Ohio Nu - Ohio University
House Front 2 compressed.JPG

A brand new chapter at the time of the loan, Canonsburg provided the money needed for up-front costs and setup of an abandoned fraternity house the chapter was renting.

Iowa Alpha - University of Iowa
IA Alpha.jpg 

Similar to the brothers at California Delta, our chapter house in Iowa City needed some general repairs and renovations. The Canonsburg Corporation provided the short-term loan support to complete the projects and allow for a more comfortable repayment plan.

Washington Alpha - University of Washington
WA Alpha.jpg 

In the process of raising millions for a capital campaign, a Canonsburg loan allowed for the house corporation to begin work early, creating a better environment for the undergraduates.