What Makes Phi Psi Unique?


Many fraternities hold similar ideals and values and everyone can agree we are all in the business of building better men. However, every group is distinct, here are some ways Phi Kappa Psi has set itself apart the pack. 
A "National Fraternity"

Phi Kappa Psi was founded as an organization based on a certain ideal with the intent of expansion to campuses across the nation, making it one of the first national fraternities. Almost every other men's college fraternity was founded as a local club and later determined that growth was beneficial. 

A Fraternity Within

The Order of the S.C. recognizes our most loyal alumni. It is a secret organization within the Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity whose initiates must have attended at least seven biennial conventions. Members of the Order wear a special badge of recognition and honor and hold a special dinner and initiation at each Grand Arch Council.

Lifetime Activity

While many fraternities require annual dues or donations for members to remain on mailing lists or receive the national magazine, Phi Kappa Psi does not. The undergraduate initiation fee includes the badge of the Fraternity, and a lifetime subscription to our magazine, The Shield and our online educational site, the Phi Psi Experience. Phi Kappa Psi encourages and appreciates donations, and our alumni have proved to be very generous, however they are not necessary to continue to enjoy the benefits of membership in Phi Kappa Psi. 

Undergraduate Control

The government of Phi Kappa Psi provides for an undergraduate majority at every level. Our Grand Arch Council (biennial convention), the supreme governing body of Phi Kappa Psi, has delegates from all chapters and alumni associates. Undergraduates control this vote by roughly 60%. Furthermore, our Executive Council is made up of 6 undergraduate representative and 4 alumni. No matter of significance to the fraternity is decided upon without a majority vote by undergraduates. 

Appreciation of Diversity

The Ritual of Phi Kappa Psi is based on universal values and ideals, rather than those of any specific religion. We look for quality individuals who want to create a tradition of excellence.