The general goal of the Phi Kappa Psi Mentoring Program is to establish a culture of strong alumni-undergraduate interaction for the Fraternity. "Mentoring" in its most basic form exists whenever and wherever Phi Kappa Psi alumni provide guidance to Phi Kappa Psi undergraduates on issues they will face in their lives - both during and after their college years.

Download the Mentoring Starter Kit here!

Local mentoring programs offer a level of engagement and member development designed to be a beneficial experience for both alumni and undergraduate participants. In addition to providing a positive mentoring experience to undergraduates, the Mentoring Program reinforces the conviction that our fraternal brotherhood and its ideals continue to impact us throughout our lives. As the first paragraph of The Phi Kappa Psi Creed reads, "I believe that Phi Kappa Psi is a brotherhood of honorable men, courteous and cultured, who pledge throughout their lives to be generous, compassionate and loyal comrades..." 

Participants are given the freedom to tailor the goals of their local program.  Some programs may focus more on career path development and preparation; other programs may focus more on personal growth and maturity issues.  Program leaders are encouraged to actively engage their participants in setting mentoring goals and providing programming to address these needs.

This programming is viewed by Headquarters staff as being of central importance to the strength of our Fraternity.  Close to twenty chapters are providing a mentoring program to their members this biennium.  These local programs are leading the way to a future in which Phi Kappa Psi alumni forge strong bonds with undergraduates to prepare them for the many challenges of life.

What are the Program Objectives?
  1. Provide undergraduates the support, guidance and resources to thrive in a complex world.
  2. Provide alumni a meaningful and valuable way to serve others and continually grow personally and professionally.
  3. Make this a fun, low-stress experience for all participants.

What's in it for You as a Mentor? (Alumnus)
  1. Get/stay involved and make a meaningful impact without a major time commitment.
  2. Network with fellow Phi Psi alumni - the more alumni the better!
  3. Recruiting opportunity for interns and entry-level talent.
  4. Keep engaged with undergraduates and the local chapter.
  5. Assist in the development of the next generation of leaders.
What's in it for You as a Mentee? (Undergraduate)
  1. Access to a network of Phi Psi alumni to begin building a professional network and help find future internships and jobs. 
  2. Coaching on job acquisition skills like resume writing, interviewing, etc. 
  3. Advice about academics: majors, classes to take, specialization, graduate schools, etc. 
  4. Confidential counseling on other school, career and personal issues.
Real Life Successes "Meeting my mentor has opened my eyes to what it means to be a lawyer in the real world. Sitting in court with Eric and listening to the deliberation incited my passion even more for my emerging legal career."- Zack Rosen Minnesota '07 

 "While being a mentee I have had a great experience thus far. I was able to get an incredible internship with 3M in my intended field which could potentially lead me on a great career path. Nathan has always been there to help me whenever I needed it. I am thankful that Nathan is still my mentor and was able to aid in my search for a career." - Sam Wright Minnesota '07

"Casey and I worked on steps to attract the attention of the hiring manager and to be distinctive as a candidate. I could see Casey's confidence grow as we worked on each step and I believe Casey was learning and internalizing some of the ideas, concepts, and techniques. He is a great brother and I hope that our relationship can continue at some level that would be satisfying to Casey." - Fred Hegele Ohio State '63 

"I have found that participation in the mentoring program is a great was to stay connected with the active members of the house, as well as an opportunity to help a brother develop his education and future career through a one on one relationship. It was clear that he valued our relationship and the opportunity to better understand how to prepare to exit college and begin his professional career. This experience has been very rewarding and I hope other chapters around the country develop similar programs." - Nathan Fong Minnesota '01

For more information on getting involved with a mentoring program near you, download a copy of the mentoring starter kit on the Phi Psi Experience in the Resource Library's Mentoring folder.