Alumni Associations

Join Phi Psi All Over Again

Being an alumnus is hard work. You made some of the best friends of your life in your chapter, but it's tough to stay in touch, what with your job, your family, and all of the responsibilities that come with daily life. You might think that your Fraternity isn't all that relevant to you today.

Think again. Phi Psi's Alumni Associations are a great way to reinvolve yourself with the Fraternity and men from around the country who share the same sense of self-betterment and service to the community. Our Alumni Associations are located across the United States, so there's a pretty good chance there's one nearby. Alumni Association events come in many forms: some are official business meetings, some are happy hours and some are designed with the whole family in mind. You can find an Alumni Association near you with our Chapter Locator.

Even if there's not an association near you, we've made it easy to start one up. Contact Headquarters at 1-800-486-1852 to learn more about starting your own Alumni Association.