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Unless you were one of a few chapter founders, you enjoyed an undergraduate experience because men before you worked to make it possible. An alumnus advisor worked with your chapter to counsel and support the chapter leadership, an alumni corporation worked to make the chapter house a safe and healthy place to live, and other alumni donated time or money each year to help the chapter meet its goals. Had those alumni not given of themselves, you may never have had a chance to be a Phi Psi. Volunteerism is at the heart of the Fraternity's success. Through mentoring, role modeling, and a consistent and responsible influence, alumni have ensured the long term stability and success of our chapters. Involving oneself in organizing local alumni enables graduate members and their families to create new friendships and continue to enjoy benefits of their Fraternity.

What Will Volunteering Do For You?

Your experiences while a member of Phi Kappa Psi at your undergraduate chapter are an important part of the person that you are today. Many of our most distinguished alumni point out that much of their success is attributable to the lessons they learned while active in their chapters. A new generation of men are learning those lessons now and need the experienced advice, counsel, and support only alumni can provide. While you will become involved again in an association that may have played an important role in shaping your life, you will also have the satisfaction of helping others to establish stronger ties to the Fraternity. Undergraduates will learn that involvement continues long after graduation and alumni will have the chance to more fully enjoy their membership. If nothing else, you will be giving something back to Phi Kappa Psi.

What Would You do?

There are a number of areas where interested alumni may become involved.

Chapter Advisory Teams

The Chapter Advisory Team is comprised of several alumni, each of whom advises a certain operational area of the chapter. Headed by the Chapter Advisor, the team works closely with individual undergraduate officers to support chapter programs and activities. Time commitment varies from two to ten hours per month. Advisors should be able to relate to undergraduate concerns, be comfortable with support (rather than supervision), and enjoy helping men learn through doing. Advisor positions include Faculty Advisor, Membership Advisor, Finance Advisor, and Fraternity Education Advisor. Other positions may be designed as needed for each specific chapter.

Chapter Alumni Corporation/House Corporation

The Alumni Corporation is an incorporated group who works with the chapter to secure safe and competitive housing for the group. If property is owned, the corporation holds title to and manages the chapter's housing. If housing is rented or leased, the corporation helps to negotiate the contracts and works with the chapter to ensure that the property is filled and maintained. Additionally, the Corporation takes the lead on alumni related activities at a chapter level. Chapter alumni events and communications should be lead by the Corporation in conjunction with the Chapter. Time commitment averages two hours a month. Alumni with legal, financial, and/or property-management experience are preferred, but no special background is required.

Alumni Association

Phi Psis are everywhere, yet many have little or no opportunity to come together with others. An area alumni association can be an excellent way for men to renew their involvement in the Fraternity, expand their social or professional circles, and benefit their communities.

  • Socialize - the most popular events with area alumni are opportunities for them to socialize. Founders Day, local homecomings, golf, tennis, monthly luncheons or happy hours, family picnics or trips all help Phi Psis to stay in touch.
  • Communicate - create a newsletter so that members will know what is going on in the area, in your chapters, and in your lives.
  • Network - use the group to make professional and social contacts, trade business cards, etc.
  • Chapter Support - consider using the group to help a local chapter through the donation of time or by helping to raise money for scholarships.
  • Service - get involved in your community by doing annual charity or philanthropic efforts.
  • Rush - help identify strong prospects for our chapters; maybe host a rush event for local high school seniors and their parents to answer their questions about fraternity membership.
  • Expansion - help Phi Psi to identify new campuses which would be attractive additions to our Fraternity.
  • Alumni Leadership - coordinate special speakers to discuss current events, personal development or business/political issues; help local alumni to be better informed and able to succeed.
  • Welcome Other Alumni - use the group to welcome new alumni to the area. Provide a list of alumni professionals and services which will help them get moved-in and familiar with the area.

How Do I get Started?

If you have an interest in any of these options, please complete this form and we can start working to pace you with a chapter. 

If you have further questions, please contact Fraternity Headquarters at (317) 632-1852 or email us at