Chapter Accreditation Resources

The 2016-2017 Phi Kappa Psi Chapter Accreditation Program is the way the National Fraternity evaluates and recognizes its chapters. This program is the outcome of many hours of research and review of feedback from members and constituents. This version of accreditation comes with a number of significant changes and enhancements which are briefly outlined below:

  • All forms and documentation are submitted electronically
  • Minimum standards (core standards) for chapters to be in Good Standing with the Fraternity
  • Annual Evaluation
  • Dispersion of Responsibilities - multiple officers and committee chairmen submit necessary forms on Officer Portal

Chapter Documents

  1. Dues and Premiums
  2. Year at a Glance
  3. Risk Management Policies
  4. Risk Management Overview

Chapter Accreditation Submission Guidelines:

  1. Chapter Accreditation Program
  2. Accreditation Submissions by Date
  3. Accreditation Submission by Position
  4. Accreditation Submission by Recognition Level

To make accreditation progress easier to follow for both undergraduates and alumni, the new Chapter Accreditation Dashboard is available.

Any questions regarding Chapter Accreditation can be directed to Michael Morin, Director of Chapter Services, at