Donate and Make a Difference!

$20 Goes a Long Way to Helping Your Brothers

While we as an organization rely heavily on the in-person involvement of our alumni and the sacrifice of their precious time to work with, coach, and mentor our chapters to success, we also recognize that, for many of our undergraduates, finances are a huge obstacle they must fight to overcome every semester. 

These members rely heavily on the generous donation of caring, invested alumni for chapter scholarship funds, national scholarships, and subsidies that afford them the opportunity to attend once-in-a-lifetime programs such as the American Leadership Academy and the Woodrow Wilson Leadership School. 

And while there are many who are fortunate enough to be in a position to give generously large donations, all it really takes is each one of our over 70,000 living alumni to give as little as $20 a year to make an even larger impact on the lives of our undergraduates. 

SWGP A. Scott Noble Texas '81 and the Executive Council are setting the bar high, and challenging our alumni to give back to the Fraternity, to help out those of our members who are less fortunate, and provide the opportunity for all of our members to receive access to the high quality programming and education our Fraternity provides. 

Follow this link to donate as little as $20 and help shape the lives of our undergraduate members for the better.