Help Phi Kappa Psi Celebrate Constitution Day

Every year, Americans celebrate the signing of the United States Constitution in 1787 by recognizing this important day in history on September 17th. Phi Kappa Psi chose to use the same day to recognize a similarly important day in our Fraternity's history. Nearly a century after the United States drafted its first set of governing documents, Phi Kappa Psi did the same...

Constitution Day is recognized within the Fraternity each year on September 17th to celebrate the founding of the Fraternity's modern governing document. Adopted at the 1886 Grand Arch Council in Indianapolis, the Constitution of Phi Kappa Psi provided a more formal foundation of leadership, which continued the undergraduate controlled structure that has existed since the Fraternity's founding in 1852. This undergraduate leadership makes Phi Psi unique in the interfraternal world. The Constitution established the day-to-day control of the Executive Council, with a majority of the vote being controlled by the undergraduate Archons, elected by each District. The Constitution brought more alumni involvement back into the Fraternity, without jeopardizing the control of the undergraduates. An ever-evolving document, many of the same rules established over 120 years ago still control how Phi Kappa Psi does business today.

To help unite brothers around the country, we are asking all brothers to wear your Phi Kappa Psi badge on Friday, September 17. Honor both your country and your fraternity with this display. It takes no time and effort, and you may even have a chance to talk about what your Fraternity means to you as people see the badge displayed.