California Delta Cleans Up with Awards

Continuing to grow in both numbers and leadership, our California Delta Chapter earned a variety of awards to close out the school year

As written by Sara Pfirrmann and Karen Guthorn, Phi Psi Parent's Club of California Delta

The 2012 Greek Awards Ceremony for the University of Southern California was held Monday evening, April 16th, at the Tutor Center Ballroom. The Greek Awards are an opportunity for the University to recognize and honor outstanding Greek men and women and individual fraternities and sororities for their house achievements. The Phi Kappa Psi Executive Board officers, two moms from the Parent's Club who also serve on the IFPC Board, and one of Phi Psi's special alumni attended the event. 

We are proud to announce that the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity was awarded the Best Overall Award for the IFPC House Appearance Recognition for the second year in a row! The judging included 14 fraternities. Phi Psi was selected Best Overall with specific recognition for our fabulous kitchen, the study annex, the brotherhood/alumni focus in the TV Room and hallways, for the new addition of the TV projector, and for the decorations that were underway at the time of the judging for their registered theme party. For those who visit the house under normal, everyday circumstances, they may be very surprised and baffled by this distinction. 

The men put in a huge amount of work to clean and prepare the house for the judging so it is a well-deserved award. The guys are determined to "three peat" next year! Phi Kappa Psi's distinguished alumnus, Tommy "Blue" Kuenster Southern Cal '05, was honored with the Continued Alumni Leadership Award. The Phi Psi's admire "Blue" and are extremely proud that he was awarded this recognition. Phi Kappa Psi also won the Diversity Program Award based on its pride in having a diverse membership of brothers from six foreign countries and 21 states!

USC awards.jpg

Proud undergraduate members of the California Delta Chapter surround their beloved Brother "Blue"