California Lambda and the Boys & Girls Club

This spring, our men at San Diego State wanted to strengthen their relationship with the local Boys & Girls Clubs. Mission Accomplished!

By Justin McKetney San Diego State '10 
Our spring philanthropy benefited our local Boys and Girls and Club, The William J. Oakes Branch, and in that spirit, was called "Return to Recess."

It consisted of various fundraisers at local restaurants and each sorority being given a day of the week to go volunteer at the club for an hour. On Wednesday each sorority had to create a poster for the philanthropy that included our letters, their letters, and the BGCA logo. The final event was at a local school where sororities competed in common recess games such as 4-square, tug-of-war, chalk art and had a one game elimination dodgeball tournament.

"When we had the philanthropy I think it showed all of the house, but especially our new members the positive influence that community service could have on a less fortunate part of our community," said Benjamin Rubin San Diego State '10, new member chairman. "Aside from the money, just the fact that we brought so many college students to come hang out and speak to a group of kids, many of whom live in Mexico, who don't really think of college as any sort of sure thing. It was just a great example of practicing what you preach for our new brothers."


The chapter met it's goals in raising over $1,400 and organizing the first philanthropy for our chapter in six years, and we are especially proud to have created something without tradition and experience. Additionally, it was a very strong increase for the image of a Phi Psi as positive, pivotal part of the community. 

"I have really wanted a philanthropic event for this chapter since I rushed and it's just been amazing to be able to put one together," said Chris Aguilar San Diego State '10, current vice president. "When we see people walking around with the 'Return to Recess' shirts with the Boys & Girls Clubs logo on them it's something we can be proud of."

The chapter put a lot of work into securing a location for the dodgeball tournament, but more so into finding venues for the fundraisers and transportation for the hundreds of participants. We have a small chapter, so getting supplies, organizing and motivating sororities that all consist of more than 100 members was somewhat difficult.

Congratulations to our men at California Lambda! This is a perfect way to celebrate our relationship with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.