Every Little Bit Helps

April was highlighted by National Day of Service. And while we hope many of our groups got out in their communities to serve, it also allowed us to celebrate what our members are doing every day. Giving back! As part of a series of service-related news, we focused on the little things our chapters are always doing, recognizing that benefiting the community can be a part of our everyday activities...

Wabash service.jpgWabash College (Indiana Gamma) - Who loves a cookout?! Everybody. So, why not gather 25 brothers, hit the store for some burgers, drinks and fixins, and then invite the community. That's what our men at Wabash did last weekend, but it had a beneficial purpose. The Animal Welfare League of Crawfordsville, Indiana is in need of funds to keep operations running normally and the community cookout raised $250, despite wet conditions. The brothers also put in a little labor while on site, planting a garden, building fences and helping with upkeep. You can check out the pictures of the event on the chapter's philanthropy Facebook page

Syracuse GUTS.jpg
Syracuse University (New York Beta) - Remember the television show Double Dare? It created a generation of young people who wanted to compete all while getting dirty. So, why not use the resources of a large chapter to bring a similar event to campus!? That is what the men at Syracuse have done annually, holding their GUTS competition for Greek organizations on campus. Flag football with a little mud? Check. Exploding food tosses? Yes. Fun? Absolutely. Oh, and how about raising thousands of dollars for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Syracuse? That may get overlooked on the day of competition, but it is the lasting impact of the program. In 2012, the men of New York Beta raised over $3,200!

Allegheny service.jpg
Everywhere - Sometimes simply recognizing that you are a part of a larger community is all it takes for a chapter to make a difference. So many of our chapters invest their time and money into assuring that their chapter and campus exist in a community that everybody can be proud of. This could be in Allegheny, Pennsylvania where the men of Pennsylvania Beta (pictured) helped to keep a section of the local highway clean. They aren't alone, with dozens of chapters around the country pitching in to keep their highways clean, like Ohio Beta at Wittenberg. Or, how about our Nebraska Alpha chapter in Lincoln cleaning up a local park after a late-winter snow storm.