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Alabama Beta Chapter Honored as Outstanding Fraternity on Auburn Campus

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From the men of Alabama Beta...

The Alabama Beta Chapter of Phi Kappa Psi is excited to announce a near sweep of awards at the 2010 Auburn University Greek Life Installment Banquet. Every year, Auburn University's IFC has an awards application process in honor of James E. Martin, former president of Auburn University. 

Fraternities are split into two categories based on the median chapter size, which is 87 this year. Those under the median are considered small and those above it are bracketed as large. Each division awards an Outstanding Fraternity trophy to the fraternity that most exemplifies the "Spirit of Auburn" and best represents the IFC and Greek community as a whole. 

There are six criteria used in deciding who wins the trophy and an award is given to one fraternity from each division who shows superior effort in those areas. The judged criteria are campus involvement, philanthropy/community service, risk management, scholarship, recruitment and athletics. Last year (2009), Alabama Beta showed great strides by winning the awards in athletics and risk management.

There is also an application for outstanding chapter advisor. In 2009, Alabama Beta Chapter Advisor Gordon Carter Alabama '75 received the Advisor of the Year Award. This is a great accomplishment, as the chapter president is required to document the advisor's body of work and all 28 campus fraternities compete for the award.  

Thanks to the advising of Brother Carter, and with hopes of improving from 2009, Brothers Tyler Evans Auburn '07 and William Gaddy Auburn '08, both former chapter presidents, worked very hard on the application and accompanying materials. 

Alabama Beta is excited to announce that we were able to secure four of the six criteria awards: philanthropy/community service, risk management, campus involvement and scholarship. As the winner of the overall trophy has to win a majority of the awards, Alabama Beta won the Outstanding Fraternity Trophy! 

A chapter which has struggled with regards to recruitment, Alabama Beta has stayed true to the banner inscribed over us by the Founders. We are committed to a quality over quantity philosophy and we are confident that the chapter will continue to grow. Winning these awards is the realization of a dream that many associated with Alabama Beta have shared. Our chapter is currently re-working our recruitment program. We have implemented a summer recruitment program and a referral program. We need a lot of help moving forward and would gladly accept any member support. Please contact the chapter to get involved.

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