Phi Psi Brothers Earn Gamma Sigma Alpha Spots

Phi Kappa Psi strives to provide our members with a positive collegiate experience, all the while underscoring the primary purpose for their time as undergraduate members: education. We are proud of our members who achieve at the highest level on their campuses around the country.

Gamma Sigma Alpha is a national Greek academic honor society that works to help Greek members become high academic achievers. Members entering their junior year with a 3.5 cumulative GPA, or those that achieve a 3.5 GPA or higher during any semester of their junior or senior year, are eligible for membership.

In the 2009-10 academic year, Phi Kappa Psi was thrilled to have 19 brothers recognized for their academic achievement...

Ashland University (Ohio Theta)
David Ellsworth
David Lee Hodgson Stuck
Joseph Sypolt
Garrett Wienecke

Case Western Reserve University (Ohio Epsilon)
Yao-Chieh Cheng
Andrew Franco
Jason Li
Kogulan Nadesakumaran
Kevin Ricci
Samuel Roberts

Northwestern University (Illinois Alpha)
Marc Bourgeois

University of Iowa (Iowa Alpha)
Mark Rigby

University of Michigan (Michigan Alpha)
Michael Minchella
Blake Toll

Valparaiso University (Indiana Epsilon)
Ken Knuppel
Bruce Morgan II
Ben Taylor

Wittenberg University (Ohio Beta)
Michael Giavasis
Joseph Nixon

Congratulations to all of those brothers listed. For more information on the society and how you can get involved, visit