Phi Psi Teams with Delta Sig to Train Advisors

Phi Kappa Psi is proud of its role in the interfraternal world and works to collaborate with other like-minded organizations from time to time. On June 26th and 27th, Phi Kappa Psi was honored to partner with the men of Delta Sigma Phi to host a joint advisor training conference in Indianapolis.

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Over 50 volunteers from campuses around the country attended the event and experienced a comprehensive curriculum that dealt with issues ranging from how to impact the lives of current students to how to recruit additional alumni volunteers. The sessions were facilitated by members of both National Staffs and built around collaboration, encouraging extensive discussions amongst the participants as they tried to build a bigger and stronger alumni base locally.

"It can sometimes get lonely out here in volunteer-land, so it was nice to be able to interact with other fraternity advisors from around the country (Phi Psi or otherwise) who are all trying to accomplish the same thing: make their men better men," said Bill Good, Phi Psi Advisor at Iowa State

The participants were strategically intermixed with members of both fraternities and no affiliation was available. Name tags only identified participants by name and college. This was done to showcase just how similar volunteers are across the country. While there are some unique qualities to each organization, the work done by volunteers is universal: making better men. 

"It was very stimulating and the vision is absolutely right on!" said Dennis Rockow, a Delta Sig volunteer from UW-Plattville. "I firmly believe it is a lifetime commitment and we need to get the alumni re-initiated into the activities and enjoy what Fraternal Life has to offer."

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Thanks to a generous donor, the weekend was completely free to all participants. Both fraternities are hopeful that the opportunity to repeat this program will continue in the future.

"The advisor conference reinforced the fact that we can and do make a difference, and it gave us new ideas on how to do so more effectively," Good added.

A video recap of this weekend conference will soon be available on the Phi Psi YouTube channel. Anyone interested in seeing pictures from the weekend can find them on the Phi Psi Flickr page.