Success: Campaign Completed for BGCA of West Alabama

AL Alpha BGCA Carnival.jpg
On April 27, 2011, an EF4 tornado ravaged the city of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Millions of dollars of damage were done, lives lost, futures impacted. For the dedicated members of the Boys & Girls Club of West Alabama, the gathering place for area youth was practically destroyed. For our members at Alabama, this had a profound impact, as brothers worked on a weekly basis with the club.

Thankfully, insurance money covered the structural damage and the club was rebuilt. But the construction, loss of time and focus on the community slowed the pre-existing planned improvements to the club. It was determined that Phi Kappa Psi could help improve the educational space of the club, including books, educational supplies, teachers' time and furniture.

Final Thermometer.gifOur goal was to raise $4,700. We are glad to announce that as of April 20, 2012 (1 day before our National Day of Service), we have met that goal! A total of $4,878.07 was raised for our BGCA friends in Tuscaloosa. That money has been delivered to the hard working volunteers and staff. The best part of it all, we did it the grassroots way! Individual brothers went to the club's website to donate, hats were passed at Fraternity events and several chapters organized their own fundraisers to participate, including all of the following:

Alabama Alpha - In addition to the 10 hours each brother donates a semester (tutoring and spending time with local kids), the chapter hosts a carnival for the kids from the BGCA of West Alabama, which also serves as a fundraiser for non-BGCA attendees. This year, it was held on Halloween, October 31st.

California Delta - Answering a call and challenge at January's Presidents Leadership Academy, our men of Troy delivered a check for $100!

California Iota/Sacramento AA - Founders Day 2012 saw both entities come together and raise money for the cause. In total, $201 was donated.

Indiana Epsilon - The Phi Psi men at Valparaiso put their dancing shoes on and invited the rest of the campus. On January 28, 2012, the chapter hosted a dance party with a philanthropic mission. In the end, from people attending, and a generous chapter donation, atotal of $1,500 was given to our Boys & Girls Clubs friends in Alabama!

Iowa Alpha - Also answering the challenge from PLA, we received $100!

Pennsylvania Theta - Our men at Lafayette College hosted a haunted house to help raise money for their philanthropic missions, and a portion of the final tally was given to this national initiative! In addition, other fundraising efforts of the semester were pooled with this money to help increase the donation. Update: $1,000 was raised!

Pennsylvania Beta - At Allegheny College, Phi Kappa Psi had their normal fall semester of philanthropy, but the challenge to help our national efforts inspired the brothers to dip into their funds to help. The result? A check delivered after the beginning of the year for $307.07!

Pennsylvania Eta - The men at Franklin & Marshall hosted a benefit concert on November 18th at 7:00 p.m.. All profits from the show were donated to this cause, a total of $85.00.

Ohio Theta - Our chapter at Ashland hosted a root beer pong tournament and raised $550

Atlanta AA - Inspired by the work being done nationally, organizers of the Founders Day event in Atlanta on Friday, February 24th literally passed the hat around the room and raised $160, which was donated directly to our friends in need in Tuscaloosa! 

North Texas AA - Already committed to the BGCA in Dallas by volunteering time to read with their local clubs, alumni members passed the hat and made a $50 donation to our national cause.

We can't thank our members and groups enough. This has truly grown our national partnership and shown that we can build for the future. We will be selecting another local Boys & Girls Club to adopt for the 2012-13 school year.