The 2013 Woodrow Wilson Leadership School and District Council Meetings


The 2013 Woodrow Wilson Leadership School and District Council meetings have come to a close, and the over 250 attendees are headed back to their campuses prepared and excited about leading and influencing their chapters and communities.

Throughout the week, undergraduates in attendance were treated to roster of informative and inspiring speakers who challenged them to become true leaders in all aspects of their day-to-day lives. 

These large group presentations were combined with over 25 hours of breakout sessions covering Fraternity Operations & Management, Service Learning, Academic & Career Success, Citizenship, Health & Wellness, Life Skills and, of course, Leadership. Undergraduates also met in Alpha Groups facilitated by higher education professionals from around the country to discuss the concept of change and create action plans to be utilized in their chapters later this fall.

Keeping with the leadership theme, the Woodrow Wilson Leadership School also plays host to the biennial District Archon elections. This new batch of Archons will represent their individual districts for the next two years, and we are excited to see the influence they have on the Fraternity moving forward.

2013-2015 Archons

Pictured left to right by Districts (1-6): Matthew Bratsch (Rowan '11), Kenny Roberts (W&J '12), Brian Kochheiser (Bowling Green '12), Nathan Markiewitz (Vanderbilt '13), Jeff Scott (Oklahoma '11), Bryce Hobbs (Washington '11)

2013grandchapterWEB.jpgDuring the final banquet, Phi Psi chapters from coast to coast were recognized for their hard work and accomplishments in the classroom, the community and the Fraternity. The Chapter Excellence Program acknowledged 51 chapters for reaching an Accredited status. Thirteen chapters were accredited with honors, and sixteen chapters were accredited with distinction.

From those sixteen, one chapter from each district was awarded the District Excellence Award, and from those six, the best of the best was awarded with the Grand Chapter award. We are proud to announce that the men of New York Theta (Rochester Institute of Technology) took home the honors as the best chapter in Phi Kappa Psi!

Complete Awards Listing

Accredited (Passing 8 out of 11 areas of Chapter Excellence) 
Auburn, UC-Berkeley, Occidental, GW, Georgia Tech, Northwestern, Valparaiso, Ball State, Iowa State, LSU, Minnesota State, Rutgers, Buffalo, East Carolina, Muskingum, Penn, Penn State, USP, Texas, Houston Baptist, VCU, Beloit

Accredited with Honors (Passing 9 or 10 out of 11 areas of Chapter Excellence)
USC, DePaul, Butler, Maryland, Brandeis, TCNJ, Rowan, Oneonta, Ohio State, Ashland, Capital, Bowling Green, York

Accredited with Distinction (Passing 11 out of 11 areas of Chapter Excellence)
Stanford, Illinois, Purdue, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, Creighton, RIT, Toledo, Oregon State, Allegheny, F&M, Bucknell, Lafayette, Vanderbilt, Washington

District Excellence Awards 
District 1 - Rochester Institute of Technology
District 2 - Allegheny College 
District 3 - Purdue University
District 4 - Vanderbilt University 
District 5 - University of Iowa 
District 6 - Stanford University

Scholastic Achievement Awards (Chapters with the top GPA or GPAs in the top 10% on campus) 
Occidental, Valparaiso, IUPUI, Maryland, Bowling Green, Muskingum, F&M, Penn

Thomas Myers (Recognizing Scholastic Achievement) 
Summa Cum Laude (3.3 or higher)
Northwestern, IUPUI, Maryland, Cornell, Bucknell, Penn, Lafayette, Virginia

Magna Cum Laude (3.2 - 3.29) 
Occidental, Creighton, Washington

Cum Laude (3.0 - 3.19) 
USC, UC-Berkeley, Georgia, DePauw, Valparaiso, Butler, Iowa State, Johns Hopkins, Michigan, Minnesota-Duluth, Nebraska, TCNJ, Syracuse, Binghampton, Oneonta, RIT, Ohio State, Case Western, Toledo, Miami (OH), Dayton, Muskingum, Bowling Green, Allegheny, F&M, Penn State, Drexel, Texas

The next national Phi Kappa Psi gathering will be the 2014 Grand Arch Council in Phoenix, Arizona on July 9, 2014. Make sure to check back this fall for hotel information and registration.