Welcome Back Oregon!

Phi Kappa Psi recharters the Oregon Alpha chapter at the University of Oregon, giving the Fraternity 102 active chapters nationwide

Oregon recharter.jpg

Inactive since 1999, it has taken some hard work and dedicated individuals to finally bring the chapter at the University of Oregon back to active status in Phi Kappa Psi. Fifty one men were initiated on Saturday, October 2, 2010, with a large audience of Oregon Alpha alumni, Phi Psi dignitaries and National Officers and Staff present for the occasion. 

Some of the 51 initiates were members of the first attempt at a colony in 2004 that did not reach the level needed to recharter. Their dedication to the dream of Phi Kappa Psi at Oregon, even three years removed from graduation for most, was received well by the alumni present. One of those original colony leaders who made it back to be initiated is Ian Tacquard Oregon '10, a legacy of Phi Kappa Psi...

"All my life I have looked to fulfill my family's Phi Psi tradition by becoming a member of the Fraternity," he said. " Today was it. Not just receiving my badge, but seeing the chapter's charter renewed. I've been looking forward to that for the past eight years. Everything came together right here, right now!"

What led to success this time around for a colony at Oregon? Undoubtedly, it was the support of a loyal and tireless group of alumni. In addition to establishing a solid advisory base, the Oregon Alpha House Corporation came together over the past few years to completely refurbish the historic chapter house and provide the foundation needed for a successful chapter on the Oregon campus.

"I can say as the 'elder' among the board members that, after a lifetime of working on projects and assignments of every kind, I have to mark the rehab of the house and the rebuilding of the chapter membership as the most complex and yet the very best and most successful I have ever been involved with," Mac Epley Oregon '49 remarked. "The leadership has been brilliant. The collective intelligence and energy of the board was something to behold."

Oregon 2.JPG
The newly refurbished Oregon Alpha chapter house, famously featured in the movie 'Animal House' as the Omega house