Apply now to lobby on behalf of the fraternity/sorority community in Washington, D.C.!

outstanding campus and chapter leaders to serve as advocates for the 
fraternity and sorority community in Washington, D.C. This is a great 
opportunity for any students who are interested in combining their fraternity 
or sorority experience with their passion for politics. Each year, FGRC sends 
student leaders to our nation's capital to advocate for legislation that is 
important to the success of fraternity and sorority organizations across the 
country. This year, Phi Kappa Psi will be sponsoring two brothers' trips to Washington, D.C. for this cause.

The Collegiate Housing and Infrastructure Act (CHIA) is a bill that would help 
make fraternity and sorority housing safer and more affordable for students. 
Alumni and students have been working together for several years to gather 
support for this bill by lobbying on behalf of the fraternity and sorority 
community. Student participation is a crucial part in gaining support from 
members of Congress who are eager to hear about students' 
current experiences on campus and in fraternity and sorority housing.

This unique opportunity allows participants to experience Washington, D.C. 
in a new way through direct interaction in the legislative process. Many past 
participants have also found this to be a great opportunity for networking, 
gaining a greater perspective on the political process and for some it has 
been the launch of a career in public service!

The Congressional visits will take place in Washington, D.C on April 27-May 
1, 2014. If selected, students will be expected to participate in prep work 
leading up to training sessions and visits that will include securing letters of 
support from their university's president, vice president or chancellor, as well
as passing a student government resolution in support of CHIA. It is also 
important that students are aware that they will miss at least 3-4 days of 
school that week and should be prepared to plan accordingly with their 
professors during that time. 

To apply, please submit an application here by December 

If you have any questions about this opportunity, please contact Amy 
Davenport at or by phone at 202-457-6528.