Celebrate Constitution Day with Phi Kappa Psi

Indianapolis, Sept. 15, 2016 - Saturday, September 17th marks the 14th Annual Celebration of Phi Kappa Psi's Constitution Day. It was on this date in 1857 where Brother William Clayton Wilson (Allegheny 1875) was born. If you think back to your Fraternity Education, that name might sound familiar; it is because of William Clayton Wilson we celebrate this Phi Psi day. This date also commemorates the United States' Constitution Day.

At the 1886 Indianapolis Grand Arch Council, Phi Kappa decided to vacate the Grand Chapter form of government that served the Fraternity since our founding in 1852. The new Constitution, whose framework we are still governed by today, was authored by William Clayton Wilson. Rather than an undergraduate chapter governing the entire Fraternity, it was decided that a small group of alumni and undergraduates would be elected to serve as representatives of the Fraternity as a whole.

We are asking all Phi Psis join us in celebrating this occasion. To celebrate and honor Phi Kappa Psi Constitution Day, please consider participating in the following:

  1. Wear your badge on Monday, September 19
  2. Fly your Phi Psi flag
  3. Post pictures to social media (#PhiPsiBadge) showing your badge or flag
  4. Tweet your suggestions @phikappapsi for ways to evolve the Phi Kappa Psi Constitution

Thank you for celebrating the 2016 Constitution Day with us!