Phi Kappa Psi Now Hiring 2016-2017 Consultants

Indianapolis, Dec. 15, 2015 - The applications for both the Phi Kappa Psi Educational Leadership Consultant and the Phi Kappa Psi Strategic Growth Consultant positions are now available. These applications can be found here through February 29, 2016.

To access the full job description, click here.

Qualities of Ideal Applicants

Ideal applicants will have the following qualities:

     • Dedication to the values of Phi Kappa Psi
     • Enthusiasm to counsel and guide brothers from other chapters
     • Willingness to travel to many different cities and meet with different chapters
     • Ability to communicate effectively with the many different personalities which exist in Phi Kappa Psi
     • Willingness to learn new skills and develop professionally

Successful consultants will be critical to either developing new, exemplary chapters or guiding struggling chapters to success.

About the Role:

All consultants will be based in Indianapolis and travel to assigned chapters/colonies throughout the year. Educational Leadership Consultants will travel to an assigned group of chapters/colonies, providing assistance in a number of areas and reinforcing best practices. Strategic Growth Consultants are charged with starting brand new colonies and are expected to spend a majority of their time within the proximity of each expansion project. Consultants are expected to act as the fraternity's de facto client manager for assigned chapters/colonies and to serve as a resource for these chapters/colonies wherever possible.

Ideal applicants are model brothers of Phi Kappa Psi who consistently demonstrate the values of the fraternity. They are dedicated to the mission of Phi Kappa Psi, working to either build new, exemplary chapters or counsel and guide chapters looking to improve.

Minimum Requirements:

  1. Member of Phi Kappa Psi in good standing
  2. Clear understanding of Phi Kappa Psi's Mission, Vision and Ritual
  3. Degree from an accredited four-year college or university
  4. Leadership experience within the fraternity, other student organizations, or professional experiences outside of college
  5. Professional conduct and appearance

Consultants will be able to travel the country and become an ambassador of the fraternity. They will build networks with colonies, alumni, campus administrators and other professionals.

Three former consultants shared their experience serving Phi Kappa Psi:

Adam Miller (Capital '10) Senior Recruiter, Robert Half Technology

Adam Miller.jpg"I think I would be a very different person without this experience. Working as a consultant forms a unique independence and ability to adapt that only people that share this experience can truly understand. From traveling alone all over the country to facilitating meetings with high-ranking professionals and frequently speaking in front of large groups, nearly every skill nurtured in this position is transferable to any career. It's also worth noting that every position I've held since my days on the road for Phi Psi has come from a Fraternity connection of some sort."

Jonathan Miller (Ohio '08) Legislative Correspondent, United States Senate
Jon Miller.jpg"My favorite experience is hard to pinpoint but the cumulative experience of working with brothers across the country to improve individually was the most rewarding part of the job. I had plenty of mentors along my path and I always hoped that I was able to do that for some of the brothers I worked with."

Jacob D. Baugher (Cal '10) 2nd Lt, United States Marine Corps

jacob.jpg"Most men whom I've met that worked as leadership consultants all had different reasons in deciding to do so. While your motivation may vary, I would say it's very important to have a deep passion for the Fraternity and an intense drive to help your Brothers around the country. Growing up, I was told that if you love what you do you'll never work a day in your life. I never felt as if I worked for Phi Psi."

To apply for either position, click here.

If you have any questions about the position, please contact Director of Chapter Services, Michael Morin

The Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity is a 501(c)(7) association of men of integrity who strive to develop the individual in his intellect, in his involvement in the community and in his faith. The Fraternity was founded on February 19, 1852 at Jefferson College by William Henry Letterman and Charles Page Thomas Moore. It currently has 100 chapters across the United States, with over 6,500 undergraduate members and over 80,000 living alumni.