Fall 2016 Executive Council Meeting Minutes Available

The meeting minutes from the Phi Kappa Psi Fall 2016 Executive Council Meeting are now available.

To access the documents, follow these steps:

  1. Head to phipsiportal.phikappapsi.com
  2. Log-in using the same username/password you used for the Phi Psi Experience
  3. You'll see a box on the left side titled Resource Documents
  4. Click the Executive Council link
  5. Find the document labelled 2016 October - EC Meeting Minutes (Indianapolis)

As you may notice, these documents are no longer housed on the Phi Psi Experience. The Experience could no longer provide the services to support our resource needs and the Phi Psi Portal will come to serve all members as a one-stop shop, with customized news, a calendar and links relevant to you. You will quickly find whatever information and resources you need, including all future Executive Council reports.