Now Hiring: Associate Director of Chapter Services

In preparation for the upcoming school year, we are searching for a new Headquarters staff member. The Associate Director of Chapter Services is essentially a client manager of Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity undergraduate chapters. The Associate Director (one of three total) is responsible for overseeing all of the chapters in two of the six regional districts of the Fraternity. The Associate Director also maintains consistent and regular contact with all of his chapters, building relationships with undergraduate and alumni officers, and engaging the chapter in leadership development, the improvement of operations and overall member assistance.


If you are interested in this position, please read through the complete job description below and email your résumé and cover letter to Assistant Executive Director, Chad Stegemiller.  Chad is also your contact person for any questions you might have.

Know someone that might be a good fit for this position? Please feel free to share this posting with them.


Specific Responsibilities

The Associate Director is the primary contact at the National Headquarters for all chapters in his assigned district:

  1. Establish contact with officer(s) of each chapter in the summer, or beginning of each school year, for familiarity and understanding of support role.
  2. Will make a (minimum) one-day visit to each chapter at some point during the academic year.
  3. Will utilize new media technologies (webinars, chats, etc.) to communicate regularly with chapters. The expectation is that each chapter is contacted once in a two-week span during the school year. Establish himself as the first point of contact for ALL inquiries and support needs of the chapter.
  4. Be knowledgeable of all areas of chapter and National Headquarters operation in order to serve as a liaison to advanced support.
  5. Establish strong working relationships with the Greek Life professionals on all assigned campuses.


The Associate Director must be a positive agent of change for our chapters and is expected to:
  1. Work with each chapter at (or before) the beginning of each school year to develop goals and track that progress throughout the course of each year.
  2. Using the Fraternity's Chapter Excellence Program as a foundation, provide step-by-step guidance to each chapter on improving all 11 areas of operation.
  3. Work, along with the Director of Standards, to educate and provide an improvement plan in the event of risk management issues as well as identify trends amongst the Greek world and address those with the chapters. 
  4. Track and monitor all correspondence to allow progress with each outreach.
  5. Be a voice of information and support for each chapter at all Headquarters and Executive Council meetings, serving as the staff authority on each chapter and how best the Fraternity can support their future.

The Associate Director is a resource of diverse expertise as it relates to our chapters and will be expected to perform other duties as may be assigned by the Assistant Executive Director or Executive Director


Internal Expectations

Reports to the Assistant Executive Director and works closely with the Director of Standards on all disciplinary and overarching issues involving chapters. As a member of the Headquarters team, the Associate Director will support and assist other staff members in all areas pertaining to his assigned groups. This especially includes the alumni development team, pertaining to volunteers and housing.


External Expectations

Outside of the regular contact with chapters and volunteers, there should be extensive relationship building with Greek Life professionals, both in higher education and interfraternally. Networking with other chapter services professionals at various Greek headquarters is highly recommended. The Associate Director should also attempt to be engaged in the networking and educational opportunities presented by the Fraternity Executives Association (FEA), Association of Fraternity-Sorority Advisors (AFA) and the Association of Fraternal and Leadership Values (AFLV).


Travel is a required part of this job and all candidates must be willing to travel extensively around the country to visit chapters and improve the wellbeing of the Fraternity. Estimated travel is 40% of one's time.



The Associate Director of Chapter Services must have earned at least a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution of higher learning. A masters degree is preferred, but not required. The Associate Director must be a member (in good standing) of the Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity. All candidates must demonstrate a strong understanding of chapter management and Phi Kappa Psi values. Previous involvement as a chapter officer is preferred. The Associate Director should also be knowledgeable in current Greek trends, strengths and threats. 


Interested? Please email your résumé and cover letter to Chad Stegemiller.