Phi Kappa Psi Announces New Staffing Changes

With another school year almost complete, it is time to look to the future. The Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity Headquarters Staff, in conjunction with the Executive Council, has taken a detailed look at the current makeup of the staff and how the Fraternity can improve member services beginning in the next fiscal year (starting in June). The Fraternity is excited to announce six (6) new staffing positions:

TBD Alumni Services Position - The Executive Council is still in discussions to double our alumni services staff to help provide more manpower for increased housing needs, alumni recruitment, volunteer training and retention. Look for this position to be posted in the middle of the summer. 

Director of Expansion - We are actively seeking candidates for this position. After two stints and several years of service, Ron Ransom Butler'00 is leaving staff to pursue new opportunities. While sad to see Brother Ransom go, his departure opens up the opportunity for the Fraternity to bring in a new head of our recruitment and expansion efforts. 

Any person interested in applying for this position should email Shawn Collinsworth, Executive Director, with a cover letter and resume.

This position oversees the Fraternity's expansion efforts. Travels to expansion chapters, recruits new members, organizes alumni involvement, works with the university/college, and continues to develop the colony until the chartering date. 

We are no longer accepting applications for this position. Please check back for details on our new hire.

Associate Director of Chapter Services (3 total)* - This position is a de facto client manager of Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity undergraduate chapters. The Associate Director is responsible for overseeing all of the chapters in two (2) of the six (6) regional districts of the Fraternity. The Associate Director is to maintain consistent and regular contact with all of his chapters, building relationships with undergraduate and alumni officers, and engaging the chapter in leadership development, the improvement of operations and overall member assistance.

We are no longer accepting applications for these positions, and an announcement of our new hires has been made!

All three Associate Directors will report to the Assistant Executive Director, along with the Director of Standards (previously known as Director of Chapter Services), who will now handle all risk management issues and overall chapter management strategy.

Director of Digital Marketing - This position is responsible for the public promotion, marketing, communication and interaction of the Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity in all areas of digital media. This includes, but is not limited to, social media, websites, blogs, mobile and email. The Director will also serve as the main contact with outside vendors on any stand-alone printed marketing pieces.

We are excited to have hired somebody for this position, learn more here

^The hiring of this position will phase out the role of the Director of Communications, focusing our communication efforts on the growing impact of our website and online communication. Our magazine, The Shield, will be produced separately from this position, hence the change in title.

*The hiring of three Associate Directors of Chapter Services will dramatically change the consultant program, which started in 1959. Phi Kappa Psi will still employ two recruitment/expansion consultants who will travel the road for the Fraternity, but focus on recruitment efforts at struggling chapters and work with all of our colonies.

However, this staffing change will replace the standard position of the Educational Leadership/Chapter Consultant (also previously known as a Field Secretary). This was done with considerable thought. All of our chapters, under the new model, will have a dedicated staff member who will continue to visit once a year (visits will be shorter), which will improve the familiarity on both ends of the relationship. This switch has a number of long-term benefits:

- With growing staff time being taken up with the risk management policies and investigations of an evolving Greek community, we are freeing the Director of Standards from direct chapter oversight, while creating multiple positions in Laurel Hall that can serve ALL the needs of our 100+ chapters nationwide

- This will create more than the 3-day visit worth of interaction. Each Associate Director must have some sort of communication with each chapter every two weeks. This will create more dialogue, support and consistency

- The Fraternity will be able to retain more understanding of each chapter on a long-term basis

-With the positions being more permanent in nature and compensated at a director level, we anticipate longer retention of employees, providing better long-term support of all chapters

The advent of modern technology has also allowed for this change. The ability of our employees to interact with our chapters via Skype, webinars, iChat, texts, Google+ hangouts, etc. has changed the way we can do business with our chapters. While there will still be face-to-face visits, having more staff in the office reaching out to multiple chapters in a day will increase the amount of support we provide.

If anybody has any questions about the changes being made at the staff level in Indianapolis, you are welcome to contact the Fraternity at 317-632-1852.