Executive Director Search Update - Final Candidates

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October 26, 2015 - Over the past several weeks, the Executive Director search committee has worked closely with Kensington International to identify final candidates for the position of Executive Director. The committee is very pleased with the expertise that Kensington has brought to the search process. Additionally, the committee is very appreciative of the many qualified brothers who applied for the position, with the quality of the applicant pool adding to the challenge of identifying final candidates. 
To date, the committee has conducted several interviews of final candidates for the position of Executive Director. The committee is in the final stages of completing its interview process and making recommendations to the Executive Council for candidate consideration. Pursuant to the Fraternity's Bylaws, the Executive Council is charged with making a final hiring decision for an Executive Director. 
The committee is confident that the process for identifying the Fraternity's next Executive Director is proceeding as planned, and that it has maintained the search and interview process within the time frames outlined with Kensington at the outset. The committee's work has been intensive, but at all stages, the committee has sought to be thorough, objective and fair in its evaluation of all applicants. 
As we have previously reported, the committee is very committed to the seriousness and integrity of its tasks. It is of the utmost importance that the committee provides the Executive Council with outstanding candidates to consider for the hiring of the next Executive Director. The committee's work will soon be complete, with the Executive Council then undertaking its final hiring responsibilities. All expectations are that the hiring process will soon be completed, and on behalf of the Executive Council I look forward to announcing that hiring decision and producing a final report of the Search Committee. 
As always, your commitment to the Fraternity is greatly appreciated.

In the Bond, 
James D. Boyle (Washington '88)
Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity

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