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With so many vendors and members challenging the trademarks and copyrights of Phi Kappa Psi, understanding how and where to shop is important

August 3 - When Phi Kappa Psi rolled out its new branding standards in late 2008, much of the focus from members and the public centered on our new logo and a focus to move away from the formality of our crest and simple letters. Main logo for web SMALL.gifBut, what many don't realize about the change is that it wasn't a departure from old to new graphics, but rather an addition to a portfolio of what we use to represent the Fraternity in the public eye.

Everything from the Greek letters to the interlock symbol to the new logo are protected as officially trademarked images of Phi Kappa Psi. There is a battle fought on a daily basis to protect the ideals of our organization, and Greek Life in general. Deep down, the letters and logos of Phi Kappa Psi represent 159 years of a tradition of service and excellence. By protecting those images, we uphold the values of our Founders and work diligently to maintain those values in a world that looks to stereotype what we stand for. On a business level, it starts with protecting our brand.

So, what does that mean for our members? Initiated brothers of Phi Kappa Psi have full access to our logos for use in fraternal purposes. It is their right, as members, to use those in a way that promotes the Fraternity. It does not, however, give the member the right to alter or use our trademarks in a way that tarnishes Phi Kappa Psi or portrays the Fraternity in an unfair or inaccurate light. 

To help make this process easier for our members, Phi Kappa Psi (along with dozens of other Greek organizations) has trusted the services of a licensing company to help us be sure that our trademarked images are protected and valued by hundreds of vendors around the country. This not only assures Phi Psi of some revenue stream for the use of our images, but also protects those images from being used in an inappropriate way.

The next time you want to shop for some Phi Kappa Psi merchandise, utilizing our licensed vendors is the only legal way to purchase official, quality merchandise bearing our insignia (Greek letters, name, nickname(s), crest/coat of arms and other trademarks). Additionally, here are a few shopping tips to make sure your experience goes smoothly:
  • Ask for a written invoice or statement from the vendor that summarizes exactly what you have ordered. This way if you do not receive exactly what you ordered you have the necessary backup.
  • Always ask for a specific date in writing on when you will receive the order. Sometimes vendors can give you a ship date, but not an exact date you will receive the order.
  • Always print your order confirmation when purchasing items on the internet. Greek Licensed Product.gif
  • Always be willing to call the vendor to be sure you will receive what you requested in time for bid day or recruitment. Don't feel as though you are being a bother.
  • Only purchase from those vendors displaying the "Official Licensed Product" seal. Unlicensed vendors are not held to quality standards and are not authorized to print products with our trademarks. If you don't see the OLP seal - say NO DEAL! 

Together, we can protect the brand of Phi Kappa Psi while also supporting the organization at the same time.

Please note: For certain items, such as ritual gear, badges and flags, the Phi Kappa Psi Headquarters is your shopping destination. You can shop online HERE.

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