Health and Wellness Chair

The Health and Wellness Chair is the officer who is responsible for chapter implementation and integration of ELEVATE - Phi Kappa Psi's health and wellness initiative.  He must be passionate and aware of health concerns which affect today's college man and his brothers.  He must be ready to create, coordinate, and facilitate educational opportunities for his chapter to learn and engage in health-based discussions.  In his role as the chair of Health and Wellness Committee, he works collaboratively to ensure the chapter is creating a healthy and safe experience for all. 

  1. Oversee chapter implementation of ELEVATE.
  2. Chair of Health and Wellness Committee.
  3. Coordinate with Phi Kappa Psi Headquarters for chapter to receive in-person education training which could include Ladder of Risk, Social Strengths, and/or Alcohol Skills Training Program.
  4. Plan chapter's involvement with awareness campaigns.
  5. Provide education and information to chapter on health and wellness topics through ELEVATE the Conversation and other available resources.
  6. Coordinate Continuing Education programs to meet accreditation requirements and chapter educational needs with Fraternity Educator.
  7. Develop relationships and networks with campus and community resources and service providers.
  8. Promote chapter members' awareness of campus and community resources and service providers.
  9. Assist Risk Manager in coordinating and completing Risk Management Education Requirements.
  10. Attend training and educational events provided by Phi Kappa Psi Headquarters, including Regional Officer Training and webinars.

Qualities of an Ideal Officer

  1. Member is in good standing.
  2. Passion and commitment to health and wellness.
  3. Knowledge of available campus and community resources.
  4. Able to build relationships within chapter and campus/community.
  5. Able to encourage and empower chapter members to make safer, healthier choices.
  6. Able to design and execute educational opportunities focused on health and wellness.
  7. Able to create new programs for chapter with no records or history of implementation.


The Health and Wellness Committee can assist the Health and Wellness Chair with the implementation and integration of ELEVATE - Phi Kappa Psi's health and wellness initiative.  The committee has the unique opportunity to create, coordinate and facilitate education related to health and wellness for their brotherhood.  They find ways to ensure brothers are aware of health concerns, comfortable discussing issues they may have, and confident in seeking help for self and others.  This committee works to create a healthy and safe experience for all brothers.

Led by the Health and Wellness Chair, this committee should be composed of brothers who share the Chair's passion for health and wellness.  They should be brothers who are willing to build relationships with campus and community partners to make resources, knowledge and skills more available to brothers.  The committee will also work to implement resources and education provided by Phi Kappa Psi Headquarters.  They should assist with developing plans for involvement with awareness campaigns.  They can help to facilitate ELEVATE the Conversation content. 

The ultimate goal for this committee is to lead the charge to build and maintain a chapter where health and wellness is a priority.  In this chapter, conversation around individual health and wellness is welcome and encouraged.  Brothers are aware of concerns and considerations around their own health, and they are also comfortable talking about health with others.  Through the work of this committee, brothers come to understand how they can be healthier and safer, in turn creating a healthier, safer chapter.