Take Action

Tips for Fundraising

The thought of running a personal fundraising campaign can be daunting, but here are a few tips to help you raise money with your moustache.

Donate to Yourself
This may sound obvious, but it is a key first step to your campaign. By starting things off with a personal donation, you are showing the people you're asking to donate that the skin on your upper lip isn't the only skin you have in the game. A good trick is to ask people to match your initial donation.

Share Your Fundraising URL
Your customized URL is a great way to brand your efforts. Put it in your email signature, share it via your social media networks, or create a customized business card to hand out. Regardless of how you do it, you have the ability to make a big difference if you market the URL well.

Make the Ask
Many brothers haven't had fundraising experience before, so it's important to stress sending at least one email out to friends and family asking for donations. There are templates available on your MoSpace you can easily utilize. Take some time to make it personal though; a personal appeal goes a lot further than a bulk email. Lastly, public recognize those who join your cause. Regularly post thanks via social media tagging individuals who give to show their commitment.

Set a Fundraising Target
Goal-setting gives you and your team something to strive for, but also gives donors an incentive to give because everyone loves to make dreams come true. Take some time to send out weekly update emails which document your moustache growth and fundraising efforts.

Harness Competition
Create a friendly competition within your own team or with another team. This is a great chance to compete against Phi Psis from across the country. While one team can subjectively say their moustaches were better than yours, you can objectively point to the fundraising scoreboard to set the record straight.

The Power of Thank You
We can't say it enough: a little gratitude goes a long way. Take the time to write a thank you card for any donation you received...maybe throw in a picture of your upper lip for fun.

Final Call-Out
As the end of Movember approaches, make one last effort to collect donations. When that's done, celebrate your achievement.

How to Engage Your Campus

Participating in the Movember campaign is a perfect way to start meaningful conversations about men's health on your campus. As you're aware, there are plenty of men and women on your campus who aren't Phi Psis and have been affected by men's health issues either directly or indirectly. With the right approach, you have the ability to spark dialogue amongst your peers, faculty and staff to ensure a positive movement occurs.

Here are a few simple steps you can take to make an impact on campus:

Spreading the Word
The biggest issue on college campuses is confusion about what Movember is and how Phi Kappa Psi plays a role. Take time to talk with your group or key leaders of other student groups to explain #PhiPsiMovember. Connect with your administrators, utilize social media and contact media outlets to maximize awareness.

Other possible strategies:

  • Discuss the cause at a Council meeting
  • Share the campaign with another student organization
  • Table to share information with students
  • Partner with a campus department

Just a Little 'Push'
Signing up for Movember.com isn't a tall task, but like many things for college students, it can be a pain to turn interest into action. Host a registration or donation drive on your campus in a crowded or popular area to market #PhiPsiMovember and encourage others to participate as well. Providing incentives for signing up also makes a big difference.

Team up with Another Organization
Who says Movember needs to be a solo effort? You could team up with another Greek organization, athletics team, and/or any student organization to tackle Movember together. Alone we are powerful—with the help of another group, we can be unstoppable.

Host a Campus-Wide Event
Chapters like Texas Alpha and Pennsylvania Rho have demonstrated you can work with your campus and/or Greek community to host a successful #PhiPsiMovember event. This is a perfect chance for your Interfraternity Council to come together around a topic which affects all fraternity men. Examples of events include:

  • Shave the Date on November 1st
    • Men from all over campus can join together and shave on November 1st to prepare for a month of awareness and fundraising. You could contact local barbers and have them donate professional shaves or simple donate disposable razors, shaving cream and buckets of hot water to create a public event.
  • Shave the Date on November 30th
    • Once Movember comes to a conclusion, host a similar public event to drive the last round of fundraising and harness the power of publicity to signal the end of the month.
  • Host a Speaker
    • Bring in a speaker to educate the college community on why these topics of men's health are so important to discuss.