Regional Recruitment Colleges

Did you miss out on Recruitment College this year? Does your chapter need help recruiting the best men on campus? Request a Regional Recruitment College to help your chapter prepare for recruitment!

Regional Recruitment Colleges are uniquely designed to your chapter's needs/wants and will equip you with the best tactics and practices in regards to recruitment! Specifically, Regional Recruitment Colleges will help your chapter develop and plan overall recruitment strategies and events, and improve recruitment goals and chapter branding

The following workshops and sessions are available to your chapter:

Why Do We Recruit? Replacing vs. Develop & Expand
Through development of potential new members, active Brothers and your chapter infrastructure, your chapter can become the strongest and largest on campus.

First Impressions: The Power of a Handshake
First impressions are the most memorable interactions among peers and professionals. Learn how to do this effectively in order to be successful in your professional life and in your fraternal interactions.

Planning and Choosing Recruitment Events
Join us in learning how to effectively manage and produce a recruitment event. Learn how to evaluate events and whether they will provide the necessary recruitment experience.

Recruitment Organization: Teams, Sponsors and More
Do you think the Recruitment Chair is the only one doing all the recruiting? Let's go over the role of the Recruitment Chair and some tools on how to get everyone involved to maximize potential new members.

Know Your Product: Brand Management
What is your chapter brand? What product are you selling to your potential new members? Reevaluate and create your brand that best represents your chapter.

Apple FTW: Selling the Experience and Culture
Apple has mastered a sales technique that everyone else wishes they could. Apple sells the experience and culture more than the product. Learn how you can do the same for Phi Kappa Psi.

Talking PKP: Recruiting without Recruiting
Learn proper recruitment techniques through conversation and terminology.

Talking to PNMs: The Pass Off  & The Walk Up
Acquire the difference between The Pass Off & The Walk Up techniques in recruitment. Also, learn how to break and avoid those awkward conversations or moments during recruitment.

Letter --> Email --> Text...Phone Call
"...Fun Fact: Nothing typed by somebody's thumbs has ever been important." Work together to learn what should be communicated via text, email and phone.

Before Bidding: The Pre-Close
Do you know the proper policy of giving out a bid? Join us in learning how to close the deal.

Closing: Asking the Right Questions
Join us in learning what questions you should be asking and how they should be addressed. Practice answering those important questions with the Phi Kappa Psi staff and brothers.

Recruitment Pipeline
What does your recruitment pipeline look like? Learn how to create and identify pipelines and how to update it throughout the year.

Power of Numbers: When to Rally the Troops
Sometimes showing up in full force can be an effective tool, other times it could scare away potential new members. Join a discussion on when it is appropriate to show the size of the brotherhood.

Three-Hundred and Sixty Five Days of Recruitment
Time to learn how to eat, sleep and breathe recruitment: one of the most vital parts to successful recruitment. Learn effective ways to practice 365 recruitment.

Please fill out the form below with the sessions you and your chapter would be interested in during your Regional Recruitment College. A HQ staff member will contact you to set up a workshop ASAP.
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