Candidacy Process

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Application Deadlines

The purpose of the application deadline is to allow the National Fraternity Headquarters staff time to distribute your information to chapters and publish your information in the District Council Program that will be distributed to all delegates. Candidates are allowed to declare their candidacy at the District Council meeting but should be aware that no information will be distributed by the National Fraternity beyond the information mentioned above.

Who Votes?
Each credentialed chapter and alumni association in your district will have one vote for Archon. Normally, chapter delegates are made up of Woodrow Wilson Leadership School Attendees.

Nomination Speeches
Nomination speeches will be given on Friday, June 23 during District Council Meeting #1. You should have two (2) members of the fraternity present to deliver your nomination speeches. Those presenting your nomination speech can be an alumnus or undergraduate member.

1st Nomination Speech - Cannot exceed 3 minutes
2nd Nomination Speech - Cannot exceed 2 minutes

Candidate Speech
Each candidate has the opportunity to give a speech during District Council Meeting #2. Only those candidates nominated during District Council Meeting #1 are permitted to deliver a candidate speech. Candidate speeches are not permitted for any candidate who is nominated during District Council Meeting #2.

Candidate Speech - Cannot exceed 5 minutes

After each candidate completes his speech, he will be given reasonable time to answer questions from members in his district.