Role and Responsibilities

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The Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity is governed by elected officers, appointed officers, and employed staff. The Grand Arch Council ("the GAC") is the ultimate authority in the fraternity, but the Executive Council is responsible for governing the fraternity during the intervals between meetings of the GAC. The Executive Council has ten members, including four alumni members elected at each GAC — the President (SWGP), Vice President (SWVGP), Secretary (SWAG), and Treasurer (SWP) — and the six Archons.

An Archon serves as a voting member of the Executive Council and is also the presiding officer of his District Council. Each Archon serves for a term of two years, beginning in the middle of a Biennium and running through one Grand Arch Council.

Under the fraternity's governing documents, an Archon must represent the interests of his district while on the Executive Council. It is also an Archon's duty to communicate with each chapter, Alumni Association and Alumni Club within his district, so as to fully and fairly represent their interests to the Executive Council and to provide the Executive Council with accurate information about his district.

The position of Archon is fundamental to Phi Kappa Psi's governance structure and is a crucial part of the fraternity's unique commitment to undergraduate control. Phi Kappa Psi is the only men's or women's fraternity which vests its governmental authority predominantly within its undergraduate members.

Position Requirements

To serve as an Archon, a candidate:

  1. Must be an initiated, undergraduate member of a chapter within the district represented by the Archon position he is seeking at the time of his election;
  2. Must have the greater of a 2.50 GPA or the all-men's average GPA on his campus;
  3. Must attend Executive Council meetings as scheduled and fulfill other obligations connected to his role as a voting member of the Executive Council;
  4. Must report on his activities for each Executive Council meeting and quarterly to his district;
  5. Cannot be employed by or receive monetary compensation from another member of the Executive Council during his term as Archon

The Role of Archon as laid out in the Phi Kappa Psi Constitution and Bylaws


Clause 1. 
The Archon shall represent the interests of his district and the fraternity at large as a voting member of the Executive Council.

Clause 2. 
The Deputy Archon's primary responsibility is to serve as Archon in the event the Executive Council determines the current Archon is unable to carry out his duties. Additionally, the Deputy Archon will perform tasks as assigned by the Archon.

Clause 3.
Each Archon shall provide a quarterly update of their work within and on behalf of the district. This update shall be provided to each active organization within the district within fourteen (14) calendar days of the end of the quarter.


Clause 1.           
A district shall have jurisdiction over the conduct and management of its affairs, subject to the approval of the Executive Council.

Clause 2.           
A district may enact bylaws not inconsistent with the Phi Kappa Psi Constitution, Bylaws and Rules, but the same shall not be valid until approved by the Executive Council.

Clause 3.           
The official acts of a district shall be signed by its Archon.

Responsibilities of an Archon

  1. The Archon is primarily a thinker. As a policy maker, much thought needs to be put into how events mold the fraternity and how his decisions shape these events. It should be remembered that his role is related to developing and promoting the strongest national organization, rather than on a chapter level.
  2. On a regular basis, the Archon receives communications from the Phi Kappa Psi Headquarters or members of the Executive Council. It is important that this information be read in a timely manner and that any necessary responses result as quickly as possible. Often, actions are taken by Ad Interim Motions, which require the return of a ballot by email to make decisions official. Ad Interim Motions should be read, voted upon and responded to quickly and intelligently.
  3. The Archon should keep notes on issues confronting the fraternity—especially in that many issues develop (or have developed) over time and memory may not recall all facts clearly.
  4. The Archon should research questions and inquiries quickly. Events change almost weekly, thus keeping up to speed is a necessity if you are to contribute positively and constructively.

Archon's Relationship to his District

  1. The Archon is the senior elected officer from his district. As one of the finest individuals from his district, he should possess a high standard of work ethic.
  2. The position dictates that the Archon cannot be all things to his constituents. He must trust himself and they must trust him to make sound decisions based upon his research, knowledge and foresight. 
  3. There may be occasions, however, when an issue may arise that would warrant a district-wide written communication or phone call to a chapter and/or Alumni Association.
  4. Likewise, the Archon should maintain contact with his chapters, congratulating new officers, noting recruitment and financial records, etc. The Archon should maintain good contact with his Deputy Archon, providing him with pertinent information and keeping him up-to-date should he need to assume a role in the district. The Deputy Archon from each district is elected by the same District Council that elects the Archon.
  5. In many ways, the Chapter Services Consultants have assumed many of the responsibilities that the Archon may have once held. As a result, travel to the various chapters does not occur often, but may be done on a voluntary basis.

Relationship to the Executive Board

  1. It should be remembered that an Archon is one of the ten members of the Executive Council, which is the board of directors of the fraternity, a multi-million-dollar corporation. Each member has specific responsibilities, both under the laws of the State of Indiana and under the fraternity's governing documents.
  2. In addition to the Executive Council, the four alumni officers comprise the Executive Board ("the Board"), which is empowered with duties and responsibilities of its own. It is often necessary that the Board meets separately to complete these duties. But while an Archon is not a member of the Board, the Archon may still communicate with members of the Board to voice his opinions and ideas on the issues within the scope of the Board's authority.
  3. Archon participation on the Executive Council is an important component of decision-making within the fraternity. However, the full depth of his involvement rests squarely on the shoulders of each Archon.

Archon's Relationship to his chapter

  1. It is natural for the Archon to assume a new role within his own chapter. The difficulty in adjustment stems from the heightened relationship of the Archon, chapter and national fraternity.
  2. The Archon's decisions on behalf of the fraternity should be driven by an understanding of the best interests of the national organization, even if those interests may directly impact his own chapter. Decisions made by an Archon have long-lasting impact on the fraternity, and his vote should be governed by those long-range beneficial interests rather than any short-term interests of his chapter.

Benefits of Serving as Archon

Gain a better understanding of how Phi Kappa Psi operates on a National Level
As an Archon, you will have an opportunity to gain a better understanding of how Phi Kappa Psi functions.

Learn what a Board of Directors is and how it functions
Engage with other chapters and alumni associations in your district and represent them on the Executive Council.

Build a network of Phi Kappa Psi alumni across the country
As a member of the Phi Kappa Psi Executive Council, you will have the opportunity to meet and work with involved alumni across the country. From committee involvement to alumni events, the chance to expand your network while in college could be an invaluable

Share your thoughts and opinions 
As an undergraduate, you provide a unique perspective that can go along way as one of six on the Executive Council. Provide input and make decisions that will help shape the future of the fraternity.

Attend Phi Kappa Psi Executive Council Meetings
The Executive Council meets three times a year to conduct business for the Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity.

Attend Phi Kappa Psi Grand Arch Council
Held during the even numbered years, the Executive Council has traditionally presided over the Grand Arch Council. The 2018 Grand Arch Council will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Expected Time Commitments
Prior to declaring your candidacy for an Archon position, it is important that you understand that a reasonable amount of time is expected of all elected Archons on a regular basis. Please review the time commitment information and reach out to a current Archon or member of the Executive Council if you should have any questions.

  1. 5 to 10 hours a week, which consists of:
    1. Keeping current on all Executive Council correspondence (email, conference calls, ad interim motions, etc.)
    2. Staying informed on district activity and developing relationships with chapters and their leadership teams.
  2. Extra time commitments
    1. Quarterly EC meetings (generally an entire weekend of travel)
    2. Participating in committees (finance, scholarship, member development, etc.)
    3. Attending the Grand Arch Council (week long commitment)
    4. Attending Woodrow Wilson Leadership School (week long commitment)
    5. Attending ad hoc celebratory chapter events (charterings, re-charterings, 150th anniversaries, etc.)