Safe New Years Eve

As we transition into the new year, there are many things to be grateful for. Our members, alumni and friends have pushed us to endure through the challenges of 2021 and guided us toward a brighter future. New Year’s Eve is a moment where we can celebrate overcoming challenges and our accomplishments of the last year.

Below we have complied a few fun ideas on how to ring in the new year while also prioritizing safety:

  • Plan a themed party
    • Grab a group of friends, even some brothers if they live nearby, and plan a theme night. 70’s disco fever, a murder mystery dinner or even a pajama party are just a few ideas that could lead to a night full of fun. Make sure there is plenty of food and activities, but more importantly, remember to enjoy each other’s company.
  • Unplug and Unwind
    • New Year’s Eve can also be a time to just relax (you deserve it!). Put the phone down, grab your favorite book or album and order-in from your favorite restaurant. Taking a moment for yourself can refresh and recharge you. Focusing on your own needs and taking care of yourself is a fantastic way to start the new year.
  • Cook-Off Competition
    • Ring in the new year MasterChef style and have your friends bring their unique version of the same dish! The category could be soups, dips, pies or pasta. Eat your fill and then vote on who wins. Good friends and good food equal a wonderful time all around.
  • Have a Game Plan
    • No matter what you decide to do this New Year’s Eve, make sure you are getting there safely. Have a game plan on how you will get to your location and how you will get home, whether that is a designated driver or your preferred ride sharing app. Many apps like Uber and Lyft will even let you schedule rides in advance, so you don’t have to worry the night-of.

Remember, this is a time to enjoy successes of the last year, and however you may choose to do that, make sure that the safety of you and those around you is the top priority.

Phi Kappa Psi wants to wish you a prosperous and safe New Year!