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The Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity engages men of integrity, further develops their intellect and enhances community involvement. With a legacy built on acceptance and trust, each brother realizes his highest potential through a lifelong experience of service and excellence. You can join this prestigious organization and root your career in, “The Great Joy of Serving Others.”

Director of Expansion

The Director of Expansion will serve as the lead staff member on the Phi Kappa Psi’s initiatives regarding campus identification for future expansion, expansion operations and procedures, establishment of interest groups and colonies, oversight of chartering objective fulfillment, and post-chartering support for long-term sustainability. Additionally, the position will support broader initiatives and programs of the Fraternity as necessary.

  • Develop strategies that support the VISION set forth by the Executive Council of Phi Kappa Psi.
  • Establish procedures, protocols and practices for identifying campuses for prospective expansion opportunities.
  • Vet expansion inquiries received by the Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity– utilizing a range of data sources to inform planned expansion decisions.
  • Serve as the primary staff liaison in exploring and determining future campuses for expansion based on organizational fit, student demographics, alumni/member support, campus support and fraternity community health.
  • Establish clear colonization and chartering objectives, which guide Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity’s decision in recognizing interest groups and colonies and help to establish the accompanying timeline for a colony to charter as a chapter of Phi Kappa Psi.
  • Supervise and lead consultants who will execute expansion of interest groups/colonies.
  • Successfully charter currently established colonies and provide operational and growth support to recently chartered chapters to ensure long-term viability and success.
  • Foster relationships with campus professionals and industry colleagues to ensure the future growth of the organization.
  • Work collaboratively with the Alumni Engagement team to recruit alumni support to build a five person alumni advisory team for each colony.
  • Work with the Director of Chapter Services & Standards to plan effective cross-training program for Expansion Consultants and Chapter Services Consultants.
  • Support and assist other staff members in the provision of quality services and resources to alumni and undergraduates.

As part of the Chapter Operations Team, the Director of Expansion will be responsible for the establishment of new chapter opportunities across the country. The Director of Expansion will coordinate with the Director of Chapter Services & Standards to hire, manage and review the Expansion Consultants who will be responsible for executing all expansion projects on college campuses.

This position will have regular contact with colony members, alumni advisors, house corporation board members, Executive Council of the Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity, Campus faculty and staff members.


  • The position requires outstanding interpersonal skills, time management abilities, and project management skills with pragmatic results orientation.
  • A bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution of higher learning is required.
  • Three to five years of professional work experience.
  • Willingness and ability to travel frequently and for extended periods of time, including many night and weekend commitments and some holidays.
  • Membership within Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity preferred, but not required.
  • Understanding of trends/issues in higher education and the needs associated with working with college students, administrators, and faculty.
  • Self-motivated and able to work without supervision during colony development visits and other work trips.
  • Team-oriented philosophy with the ability to handle multiple projects at once.
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc.).
  • Proven success in outside sales functions with a demonstrated ability to lead a team in a highly collaborative environment.
  • Professional, outgoing, with a guest-service orientation.
  • Understanding of non-profit organizations and/or working with volunteers.
  • Past involvement in Fraternity or Sorority Expansion/Extension opportunities a plus.

If you are interested in applying to this position, please visit the following link.

Staff Accountant

The Staff Accountant is responsible for maintaining all accounting records for the Fraternity and completes other related financial and bookkeeping tasks.  Acts as financial liaison for chapters, officers, alumni organizations, and vendors.

  • Maintains general ledger and performs monthly journal entries and reconciliations.
  • Performs monthly and annual general ledger closing and reporting process.
  • Performs all accounts payable functions: verifying vendor invoices and backup documentation for payment, check runs, monthly credit card statement reconciliations.
  • Performs all accounts receivable functions: produce invoices and statements as needed, process cash receipts and file deposit copies.
  • Assists with tracking grant expenditures and compilation of grant documentation for requests.
  • Maintains detailed awareness of the financial affairs of the Fraternity and takes or recommends appropriate actions to ensure the integrity of financial data.
  • Ensures the adequacy of accounting practices, handling of funds, and internal controls to safe guard the assets of the Fraternity and to remain in compliance with all laws, rules, and regulations.

Reports to the Chief Financial Officer. As a member of the Headquarters team, the Staff Accountant will support and assist other staff members in the provision of quality services and resources to alumni and undergraduates.

Has regular contact with chapters, alumni advisors, alumni corporation officers, Foundation staff, elected and appointed national officers, and external vendors.



The Staff Accountant should possess a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution of higher learning, as well as 1+ years of full charge bookkeeping experience, preferably within a non-profit environment.  Customer service skills, Excel, and QuickBooks proficiency preferred.  A high attention to detail and the ability to work in a fast-paced environment with multiple interruptions is required.

If you are interested in applying to this position, please visit the following link.

Chapter Consultant

Phi Kappa Psi’s consultants are the models for an ideal member of Phi Kappa Psi and consistently personify and demonstrate the values of the Fraternity.  Consultants foster strong relationships with all stakeholders invested in our chapters and colonies, train all necessary constituents on operations, and promote and educate all parties on the Fraternity’s initiatives.


  1. Member of Phi Kappa Psi in good standing
  2. Clear understanding of Phi Kappa Psi’s Mission, Vision, and Ritual
  3. Degree from an accredited four-year college or university
  4. Demonstrated leadership experience within the Fraternity, other student organizations, or professional experiences outside of college
  5. Professional conduct and appearance


  1. Courteous and Cultured: empathetic and aware of the feelings of others around him; inclusive and tolerant; strives to be a positive change agent for his community
  2. Moderate in Manners and Morals: professional/appropriate behavior and appearance; leverages personal strengths
  3. Demonstrates Intellectual Excellence: self-motivated, innovative, and hard working
  4. Generous, Compassionate, and Loyal: dedicated to the fulfillment of the mission and values of Phi Kappa Psi; lives the Creed and Ritual of the Fraternity


  1. Serve as the Fraternity’s de facto client manager for an assigned group of chapters and/or colonies.
    1. Create and foster open communication between all stakeholders in the chapters you are assigned (chapter, volunteers, university, staff, etc.)
    2. Serve as the primary point of contact between the Fraternity Headquarters and all undergraduate members and volunteers of the chapters you are assigned
    3. Be versed in all basic operation functions of the National Fraternity, the Phi Kappa Psi Foundation, and the Canonsburg Corporation
  2. Serve as a resource for chapters regarding operational best practices, policies, and traditions of the fraternity and be able to educate stakeholders on the how to improve.
    1. Gather data and best practices from all chapter visits in order to facilitate knowledge transfer across the Fraternity
    2. Facilitate in-depth training and programming sessions with chapters, working with officers, members, volunteers, and university to address key issues
  3. Actively participate in the National Fraternity’s initiatives and programs
    1. Participate in all National Programming, including the Grand Arch Council, Woodrow Wilson Leadership School, Leadership Programs, and the American Leadership Academy
    2. Serve as an active participant in all-staff office training and planning sessions when relevant
  4. Utilize online reporting and data collections for chapter information collection
    1. Weekly reports will be sent to supervisor for feedback, action items, and general information regarding the chapter visit
    2. Follow up reports will be expected for each chapter visit to be stored in the Fraternity database
  5. Expansion Consultants recruit and manage new members for an assigned colony
    1. Actively hosting on campus recruitment events and engaging the student body to find worthy candidates to begin the colony
    2. Working with colony member to start a successful colony that will become a chapter by initiating best practices and setting realistic goals set forth by the Colony Petition Packet


  1. Consultants will be asked to be based in Indianapolis and travel to assigned chapters or colonies
    1. Expansion Consultants will be based in Indianapolis, but will be expected to live in the city or area where they are beginning a new colony of Phi Kappa Psi
  2. Travel is a required part of this position and all candidates must be willing to spend an estimated 75% of their time on the road, helping to improve our chapters

If you are interested in applying to this position, please visit the following link.

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