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How to Participate in Movember

Throughout the month of November, Phi Psis around the world are encouraged to get involved. The most common involvement is growing and grooming a moustache. The moustache serves as an easy way to start the conversation with others about important men’s health issues.  There are also other great ways to participate, such as hosting an event as a chapter, or creating and taking part in a movement challenge.

Are you ready to raise funds and awareness for men’s health issues? Head to the Movember website to create your profile, start a chapter team page and join the Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity network.

Step #1 – Create a Personal Page

Before you can create a team page, you’ll first need to create your personal profile on the Movember website.  We encourage you to add a personal message in the description to bring your cause to life and utilize a customized URL to make your profile easily accessible for donations from others.

Step #2 – Create a Team Page

As you create an individual profile, Movember will prompt you to either ‘Join’ or ‘Create’ an existing team.  This is where you will create your team page for your chapter.  If you are the creator of the page, you will serve as the team captain and possess administrative abilities.  We suggest using your chapter’s customized Phi Psi logo as your profile picture.  Team names should follow this structure: Alaska Alpha – University of Alaska.

To make your page easily accessible, create a customized link. (i.e.

Step #3 – Invite Your Chapter Brothers

Once your page is created, use e-mail, text messaging, chapter meetings, in-person conversations, etc., to encourage all of your brothers to sign up on the Movember website.  Once they are signed up, you can provide them with important data and statistics about men’s health and encourage them to discuss the topics with others throughout the campaign.  It’s the one-on-one conversations with others which will drive donations, and in the long-term, create a measurable impact on men’s health.