Individual Awards

Phi Kappa Psi’s individual awards program recognizes undergraduates and alumni for their dedication to their chapter and Fraternity. These individuals leave a lasting impression on those they interact with and represent Phi Psi’s high ideals in all that they do. 

Undergraduate Awards

Each Phi Psi chapter is encouraged to recognize an Outstanding Emerging Leader and Undergraduate of the Year each year. 

The Outstanding Emerging Leader is a member that has demonstrated excellent leadership potential and skill within the first year of his initiation. This brother should be well suited to take over leadership roles in the chapter and campus community all while exemplifying the values of Phi Kappa Psi. 

The Undergraduate of the Year Award is the chapter member who best exemplifies what a Phi Kappa Psi member should be. This individual is involved within the chapter, on campus, and within the local community while also excelling in the classroom. 

The deadline to submit nominations is Friday, July 17. 

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Alumni Awards   

Outstanding Young Alumnus Award 

The Outstanding Young Alumnus Award is presented to an alumnus that is no more than five (5) years out of school. This individual has managed to balance starting a career while also giving back to Phi Psi. 

Nominations for the Outstanding Young Alumnus Award must include the following criteria for consideration: 

  • Demonstrated activity in an Alumni Association, Chapter Advisory Team, or House Corporation
  • Letter of recommendation/support from their chapter, Alumni Association, or House Corporation 
  • Letter of recommendation/support from another alumnus 

The deadline to submit nominations is Saturday, August 1. 

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Outstanding Chapter Advisor Award 

The Outstanding Chapter Advisor Award recognizes a chapter or colony advisor who demonstrates leadership and excels in serving as a role model to the chapter or colony he supports.  

Nominations for the Outstanding Chapter Advisor Award must include the following criteria for consideration: 

  • Letter of recommendation/support written on behalf of the chapter 
  • Letter of recommendation/support written by an alumnus working with the submitting chapter
  • Name and roles of alumni that serve officially on the chapter advisory team for the submitting chapter 

The deadline to submit nominations in Saturday, August 1. 

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