Woodrow Wilson Leadership School

We are currently seeking facilitator applications for WWLS. Facilitators will arrive on Tuesday, June 18 for training and depart on Sunday after the program concludes. The role will consist of participating actively in general sessions, attending group activities, co-leading four small group sessions, and potentially delivering a breakout session. Applications are due on Sunday, February 10.

Undergraduate Leadership Program

The Woodrow Wilson Leadership School (WWLS) is scheduled to occur at Butler University in Indianapolis, IN from June 19-23, 2019. As the Fraternity’s approach to member development continues to evolve, so does our flagship leadership program. The 2019 version is built around the Fraternity’s new continued education program: the Men of Excellence program. At the core of the Men of Excellence program is the Fraternity’s Wellness Wheel model, which focuses on six core dimensions of health: emotional, physical, spiritual, social, intellectual and professional. Phi Kappa Psi believes that any member who can focus his efforts on self-improvement in these six areas will develop healthier habits and is more likely to contribute to society in a positive way. He will become a Man of Excellence.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday of WWLS will each be focused on education and training around two dimensions of the Wellness Wheel. Guided by a group of talented member and non-member facilitators, students will navigate through a series of interactive general, breakout and small group sessions over five days, leaving with a renewed sense of pride in Phi Kappa Psi and a plan to improve themselves and their chapter.

Alumni Program

A special alumni program is being designed for those alumni who regularly work with undergraduate members. This program will help alumni accomplish several goals:

Become familiar with the ELEVATE program, and understand educational programs, resources and tools available
Understand today’s college students, including demographics and prevalent issues
Understand today’s chapters, including risks related to membership and facilities
Learn best practices for working with individual students and chapters
Acquire basic skills training to navigate issues/concerns related to today’s students
The schedule for the Alumni Track will be made available at a later date.

District Council Meetings and Archon Elections

A critical aspect of WWLS is the District Council Meetings to elect the new slate of Archons, who represent a majority of the Phi Kappa Psi Executive Council. These new Archons will serve until the following WWLS in 2021. If you are interested in running for District Archon, please contact Member Development. Application materials will be available in the spring.