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General Phi Kappa Psi Logos

All Phi Kappa Psi Logos are available for download by using the buttons below each icon. All images have been provided in PNG format under the “Digital” button and can be used at your discretion. You may also download the “Print” images if you are working with a graphic designer to incorporate in a design to be printed. These Adobe Illustrator files are for professional use only.


Greek Letters




Chapter & Alumni Association Logos

All Chapter and Alumni Association logos shall use Phi Kappa Psi’s primary logo and must be formatted in the same fashion as the examples below.
Access downloadable chapter and alumni association logos using the button underneath the images.

Phi Kappa Psi Vocabulary and Style Guide

Accreditation — Biennial process wherein chapters are graded in 11 categories. Capitalize when referring to
this process. Also capitalize graded categories: Accredited with Distinction, Accredited withHonors, Accredited, Not Accredited.
Advisor — Not adviser, e.g. chapter advisor.
Alumnus and Alumni — When referring to male graduates, “alumnus” is singular, “alumni” is plural. When referring to female graduates,“alumna” is singular and “alumnae” is plural. In a mixed sex group, “alumni” is appropriate.
Alumnus or Undergraduate — The two statuses of the Fraternity. There is no inactive or deactivated status: an undergraduate brother who is no longer upholding his obligations should be suspended or expelled.
Alumni Association — Capitalize when referring to a specific association, e.g. Atlanta Alumni Association.
Brother — Lowercase in all references unless preceding a specific brother’s name, e.g. he is our brother; Brother William C. Wilson.
Brotherhood — Lowercase in all references.
Bylaws — Capitalize in reference to the Phi Kappa Psi National Constitution, Bylaws and Rules. Lowercase in all other references including chapter bylaws. Do not use alternative syntax, e.g.“by-laws” or “by laws.”
Chapter — Lowercase in all references unless immediately preceded by a specific chapter name, e.g. the chapter on campus; Valparaiso Chapter. When identified by state and Greek letter, note school name parenthetically between the Greek letter and “chapter,” e.g. Ind. Epsilon (Valparaiso) Chapter.
Chapter Names — The preferred language when identifying a chapter is by school name, e.g. Southern Cal. Historically, Phi Kappa Psi has used state and Greek Letter designation, e.g. California Delta.  The primary language reference of school name is more accessible to members and non-members alike. When using state and Greek Letter designation, abbreviate the state according to AP style guidelines, e.g. Calif. Delta.
Colony names — School name followed by Colony, always uppercase, e.g. New Brunswick Colony. Greek letter designation does not exist for colonies,as some do not form full-fledged chapters. Chapters that are reopening should be referred to with colony syntax until they are installed as chapters.
Committee — Capitalize references to specific committees, e.g. the Membership Committee, but lowercase general references, e.g. all committee chairmen.
Constitution — Capitalize when referring to the the Fraternity Constitution.
Foundation — Capitalize when referring to the Phi Psi Foundation, aka the Endowment Fund of the Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity. Foundation, Phi Kappa Psi Foundation or Phi Psi Foundation are all acceptable.
Founders’ Day — Capitalize in all references. Please note appropriate apostrophe.
Fraternity — Capitalize when referring to Phi Kappa Psi, e.g. my Fraternity, lowercase when referring to fraternities in general, e.g. the other fraternities. Avoid frat.
Grand Arch Council — Biennial Fraternity meeting and supreme governing body of Phi Kappa Psi. Abbreviate GAC, proper upon first use.
Headquarters — Capitalize when referring to the Fraternity Headquarters in Indianapolis. May also be used in place of “National Fraternity.” Also may be used in place of “Laurel Hall,” which is the building and museum that hosts Headquarters operations or the Fraternity and Foundation.
House Corporation — As with chapter, uppercase when used with a specific corporation: our house corporation, but Indiana Zeta House Corporation.
Member Reference — When referring to an initiate of the Fraternity, it is preferable to note his year of initiation during the first reference (Phi Psi does not use graduation years, as not all initiates graduate). Correct syntax is school name followed by an apostrophe turned inward followed by initiation year, e.g. Ralph D. Daniel (Arizona ’47). Initiation years more than 90 years before the publication in question should omit the apostrophe and replace with the full four-digit year, e.g. Thomas C. Campbell (W&J 1853). The school name and initiation year should be treated in italics. When used within an internal publication (e.g. a chapter newsletter) it is proper to omit the school name.
Ritual — Capitalize when referring to the Ritual of Phi Kappa Psi.
Recruitment — A chapter’s ongoing efforts to gain new members.
Rush — Refers to a specified formal period of recruitment.

Typography (Fonts)

  • Fonts
    • Primary – Trajan Pro
    • Secondary – Franklin Gothic
    • Body – Goudy Old Style

Graphic Elements

(Colors & holiday / recruitment images)

Using the official Phi Kappa Psi colors without deviations or substitutions will contribute substantially to an attractive, widely recognized image for our visual identity.The colors to be used in producing the Phi Kappa Psi logo in publications are as follows:

Full Color:

Black (PMS 100% Black)

Green (PMS 349)

Red (PMS 187)

Yellow (PMS 124)


Black C:0 M:0 Y:0 K:100

Green C:100 M:0 Y:91 K:42

Red C:0 M:100 Y:79 K:20

Yellow C:0 M:28 Y:100 K:6


Black R:30 G:30 B:30

Green R:0 G:112 B:60

Red R:196 G:18 B:48

Yellow R:238 G:178 B:17


Black #1E1E1E

Green #00703C

Red #C41230

Yellow #EEB211


(affinity guidelines – apparel)

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