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ELEVATE encompasses the health and wellness programs and initiatives offered by the fraternity. Through connection to resources – both local and national, in-person education, online content, awareness campaigns and ongoing support, the fraternity seeks to provide members knowledge and skills to identify and address concerns facing today’s college man.

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  • Expand the health and wellness education provided to undergraduate members to increase exposure and access to information and skills training
  • Enhance the knowledge and skills undergraduate members have to navigate and address health and wellness concerns
  • Reinforce the health and wellness of undergraduate members as an organizational priority congruent with the original founding purpose of Phi Kappa Psi


Alcohol Skills Training Program educates members on alcohol-related behavior while increasing members’ interest in critically examining their drinking patterns and eventually implementing the skills they learn. In doing so, members can minimize the potential negative consequences through prevention, reduced consumption or abstinence. The primary vehicle for this content is an in-person presentation from a trained volunteer facilitator.

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Awareness Campaigns are released in conjunction with national health and wellness observances. Using social media to provide facts and action items, these campaigns are a foundational piece in bringing common concerns to light and helping members understand “I’m not the only one.” The campaigns encourage members to connect with local resources and campus events.

Behind Happy Faces gives students the tools they need to address mental health effectively, by providing a more complete education of mental health, understanding of brain development, teaching participants about coping mechanisms, and showing the important steps to help a friend in crisis. The primary vehicle for this content is an in-person presentation from a trained volunteer facilitator.

To request this program for your chapter, please complete this form.

Campus Resource Guides equip Fraternity staff, chapter officers and advisors with a direct connection to university resources. The guides allow for conversations, education, and support to be personalized to each campus, while also establishing Phi Kappa Psi as a collaborative partner in student success. These guides are available on the Phi Psi Portal under HQDocs/Chapters and Colonies/Campus Resource Guides – Links to All.

ELEVATE the Conversation was created to provide undergraduate brothers the opportunity to facilitate chapter conversations about health and wellness focused content. These conversations look at issues in ways that relate to members, while expanding their knowledge and skills for addressing issues they or a brother may experience. Conversations are available around physical health, mental health, masculinity, and healthy relationships.

GreekLifeEdu is an interactive, online course created by EverFi. The focus of the course is to empower students to make well-informed decisions about issues that can affect their time as a college student, including alcohol, hazing, and sexual assault. GreekLifeEdu is a foundational component of new member education.

Health and Wellness Chairs are responsible for chapter implementation and integration of ELEVATE. They create, coordinate, and facilitate educational opportunities for chapters to learn and engage in health-based discussions. In their role as the chair of the Health and Wellness Committee, they work collaboratively to ensure the chapter is creating a healthy and safe experience for all.

Ladder of Risk provides all undergraduate members with knowledge of the fraternity’s Risk Management policy and information on executing safe social events. The primary vehicle for this content is an in-person presentation from a Chapter Services Consultant during a visit to the chapter.

The Wellness Wheel has six dimensions of wellness  Emotional, Intellectual, Physical, Professional, Spiritual and Social. Within each dimension, there are outcomes we believe each member should achieve for optimal wellness. In addition to working on health within each dimension, the wheel is a representation of the importance of understanding the interconnected nature of our health. We cannot be our best self in one area when we are not managing health well in another area. Maintaining and monitoring health is an active process. We seek to provide education, information and resources that allow brothers to do this. All member development programs from the Fraternity include a wellness component to allow brothers to see the importance of the topic