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Phi Kappa Psi’s ELEVATE health and wellness program was selected as a recipient of the North American Interfraternity Conference (NIC) 2017 Laurel Wreath Award.

The award is presented to organizations who have executed an impactful program, community outreach, or directed influence within the fraternal world. This is the first time Phi Kappa Psi has received the award.

ELEVATE encompasses the health and wellness programs and initiatives offered by the fraternity. The program seeks to provide members with the knowledge and skills to identify and address concerns facing today’s college man. This occurs through connecting members to resources (both local and national), in-person education, online content, awareness campaigns and ongoing support.
Specifically, ELEVATE will:

  1. Expand the health and wellness education provided to students to increase exposure and access to information and skills training
  2. Enhance knowledge and skills to navigate and address health and wellness concerns
  3. Reinforce “Respect for the Dignity & Well-Being of Others” as an organizational expectation with all of our members having a clear understanding of this membership responsibility

Alcohol Skills Training Program

Alcohol Skills Training Program (ASTP) educates members on alcohol-related behavior while increasing members’ ability to critically examining their drinking patterns, and eventually implementing the skills learned in the program. In doing so, members can minimize the potential negative consequences through prevention, reduced consumption or abstinence. ASTP is provided as an in-person presentation from a trained volunteer facilitator or staff member.

Important Awareness Dates

Phi Kappa Psi is committed to spreading the word and encourages members to participate in Health and Wellness related Awareness Dates. These dates highlight many different ways for members, both undergraduate and alumni, can practice self-care.

ELEVATE the Conversation

ELEVATE The Conversation was created to provide members the opportunity to facilitate in-house chapter conversations about health and wellness. These conversations look at issues in ways that relate to members, while expanding knowledge and skills for addressing issues a brother may experience. ELEVATE The Conversation is a program designed to easily fit into chapter events and operations. These conversations were built with student schedules in mind. The shortest conversations are 20 minutes, and the longest are only an hour. ELEVATE The Conversation includes conversations around general men’s health, mental/emotional health, healthy relationships, and masculinity. Conversations were researched and created by Phi Kappa Psi staff and Phi Psi Family volunteers. Guides are easy to follow, and any member who wants to take this content on can easily get a chapter conversation started around health and wellness.


GreekLifeEdu is an online program which addresses the critical issues of alcohol awareness, sexual assault and hazing for fraternity and sorority new members. By leveraging trends and incorporating multiple evidence-based learning theories, GreekLifeEdu achieves behavior change objectives and helps students practice safer decision-making. Throughout this program, students are reminded of their values and strengths, and challenged to consider ways to leverage them throughout different interactive scenarios around substance use, hazing, and sexual assault. This is a required component of the new member program, equipping members to be educated with foundational knowledge on topics and prevention strategies.

Health and Wellness Chair

The Health and Wellness Chair is the officer who is responsible for chapter implementation and integration of ELEVATE – Phi Kappa Psi’s health and wellness initiative.  He must be passionate and aware of health concerns which affect today’s college man and his brothers.  He must be ready to create, coordinate, and facilitate educational opportunities for his chapter to learn and engage in health-based discussions.  In his role as the chair of Health and Wellness Committee, he works collaboratively to ensure the chapter is creating a healthy and safe experience for all.

Ladder of Risk

Ladder of Risk educates members on the basics of the fraternity’s Risk Management Policy and creates a conversation about planning safe social events. Through Ladder of Risk, members will learn how to plan safe social events while reducing overall risk as a chapter. It is the fraternity’s goal for every member to know and understand the fraternity’s Risk Management Policy, and the chapter to implement safe procedures at fraternity events. Ladder of Risk is provided annually to chapters via a Chapter Services Consultant visit.

Social Strengths

Social Strengths is a program created by Prevention Culture. This program focuses on four dimensions of strength to discuss the role each member can plan in sexual violence prevention and creating safe, healthy relationships. The primary vehicle for this content is through an interactive, in-person presentation given by a trained volunteer or staff member. Supplemental content and resources are available in e-book content to all members through the Phi Psi Portal.

Wellness Wheel Model

As a strong part of our ELEVATE strategy, we at Phi Kappa Psi are driving the importance of health and wellness into the current consciousness of all of our members. The well-being of our members keeps our engine healthy and thriving. We teach health and wellness holistically through a wellness wheel model. First conceptualized by Dr. Bill Hetler, co-founder of the National Wellness Institute, and used by numerous health organizations and educational institutions, this model looks at the interconnected components of health and wellness.

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