GreekLifeEdu is an interactive, online course created by EverFi. The focus of the course is to empower students to make well-informed decisions about issues which can and will affect their time as a college student. Phi Kappa Psi uses this course to provide foundational educational knowledge to all new members about hazing, sexual assault, and substance use.

To access this program, new members should log into the Phi Psi Portal, click on the Education and Training tab, then GreekLifeEdu. Part 1 must be completed prior to initiation. New members should complete Part 2 of the course by no later than June 30, 2020.  It is the individual member’s responsibility to complete both parts of the course, and a chapter does receive financial penalties for an individual member’s non-completion.

Part 1 consists of five modules – Introduction, Have A Plan, Live Your Values, Create a Safe Community, and Conclusion. This part of the course should take about an hour to complete, and you can complete in one sitting, or you can save your progress and return to complete it in multiple sessions. Stopping and starting tends to increase the time needed to complete Part 1. At the end of Part 1, there is a final exam. You must obtain a score of 70% to “pass” this part of the course. Part 2 will be available to after a 14 day intersession period.

If you have questions regarding GreekLifeEdu, please email support@phikappapsi.com.

Chapter-Level Administrative Account Creation

GreekLifeEdu Course Monitoring for Chapters
2019-2020 Instructions

  • If you have an account from a previous school year, this account should still work. There is an option to reset the password if you have forgotten your credentials. If you are unsure if you have previously had an account, you can contact the Membership Development team at memberdevelopment@phikappapsi.com to check.
  • To create a new administrator account:
    • Go to: https://platform.everfi.net/greekadmin/login
    • Click on Register and enter the registration code for your group. A copy of these instructions with a link to codes is available in the Phi Psi Portal.
    • Click Next to create your EverFi Account
    • If you are unable to finish completing your account because you have an existing account under the same email, you can use a different email to create the account.
  • Multiple officers/advisors are able to set up tracking accounts for a chapter/colony. If an account needs to be deleted, you can contact the Membership Development team at memberdevelopment@phikappapsi.com.