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Wellness Wheel Model

As a strong part of our ELEVATE strategy, we at Phi Kappa Psi are driving the importance of health and wellness into the current consciousness of all of our members. The well-being of our members keeps our engine healthy and thriving. We teach health and wellness holistically through a wellness wheel model. First conceptualized by Dr. Bill Hetler, co-founder of the National Wellness Institute, and used by numerous health organizations and educational institutions, this model looks at the interconnected components of health and wellness.

There are six dimensions of health – emotional, physical, spiritual, social, intellectual, and professional. Understanding all of these in your own life is what allows you to be the healthiest version of you. A healthy Phi Psi can achieve far greater success in reaching their full potential. This is not a stop we can afford to miss.

Going forward in our journey, we will continue to adopt and execute healthy strategies in these six areas and incorporate them into all of our fraternity programs. It’s vital that we teach and encourage healthy habits in the undergraduate experience as we discover our path to a lifetime of wellness.

Our destination still lies ahead of us as our commitment continues to expand. However, we are encouraged daily by the public recognition for ELEVATE and the positive feedback from other Greek organizations praising us for our hard work. We are on the right track.

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