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Grand Arch Council

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Indiana Delta at the 2014 GAC

This July, the 79th Biennial Grand Arch Council (GAC) will take place at Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas. Delegations from all chapters and alumni associations comprise GAC, which serves as Phi Kappa Psi’s supreme governing body. GAC is Phi Kappa Psi’s legislative convention and is where the alumni members of the Executive Council (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer) are elected. In addition to elections, the GAC makes recommendations for the future direction of the fraternity.

A gathering of members from around the U.S., GAC is also a perfect opportunity to connect with brothers from many different backgrounds and careers. Social events provide ample opportunity to learn about your brothers and form connections, which will further you as a person and your career.

The 2018 GAC will be at the iconic Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas. Attendees can enjoy signature events such as the President’s Reception, the Phi Kappa Psi Awards Ceremony, and more. Outside of sessions, time is built in to allow you and your family an opportunity to explore the numerous offerings of nearby restaurants, landmarks, and other attractions.

Registration is now available.

With your registration, you can add a number of things. The first add-on is a shuttle which will run between the strip and the hotel. Next, as a cost-saving measure, all Officer Reports and Proposed Amendments will be provided electronically. If you would like a printed set to be provided to you at GAC check-in, you can purchase those along with your registration.

Note: A full refund of your registration will be available until the end of Early Bird Registration (April 1.) After that, you may transfer your registration to another person with the same membership status (for instance, alumni may transfer other alumni, undergraduate non-delegate may transfer to another undergraduate non-delegate.)

For information on the Red Rock Resort, and to reserve a room in the hotel block, visit the About Your Stay page. The registration information is as follows:

 Registration DatesUndergraduate
EarlyFebruary 12 - April 1$100$600$400
NormalApril 2 - May 31$100$700$400
LateJune 1 - June 24$100$800$500
On Site$300$900$600

*GAC Attendance does not qualify for the SC through a daily registration.

If you have any questions, you can email

While GAC will have plenty of events within itself, there will also be plenty of time to explore the attractions and nightlife that Las Vegas has to offer. From museums, to escape rooms, and, yes, casinos, Las Vegas will have something for everyone attending GAC. It’s also an excellent chance for brothers who live in Las Vegas to be ambassadors of their city to their visiting brothers.

Phi Kappa Psi will be using various forms of social media. We encourage you to begin following our activity now and sharing as the excitement builds for the 79th GAC. You can find us at:
Twitter: @PhiKappaPsi
Snapchat: @PhiKappaPsiHQ
Instagram: @PhiKappaPsi

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