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Educational Programming & Committee Sessions

Attendees at the Grand Arch Council (GAC) are encouraged to participate in educational sessions. Session blocks will be available on Friday and Saturday of GAC. There are a variety of sessions available for all ages and interests. Committee Meetings will also occur throughout the conference, we ask that you register for both types of sessions here, and find the descriptions below.

Educational Programming

Membership Category

  • Undergraduates = U
  • Young Alumni = YA (graduated less than 10 years ago)
  • Seasoned Alumni = SA

Organization Role

  • Alumni Association Members = AA
  • Advisors = A
  • House Corporation Members = HC
  • Non-Members = N

Friday, July 13 2:15-3:30 p.m. 

CliftonStrengths for Alumni: Identify Your Natural Talents (YA, SA)

The CliftonStrengths assessment is a tool used to identify your strongest traits and how they play a role in your professional and personal life. If you are interested in harnessing your inherent talents and learning how to improve them, this is your chance! We’ll dig into the core components of the Strengths philosophy, discuss how our Strengths affect us in interpersonal relationships, and how the Fraternity leverages this model.

Presenter(s): Andrea Kleekamp, Director of Health & Wellness – Phi Kappa Psi & Drew Kerwood, Health & Wellness Consultant – Phi Kappa Psi

The Basic Principles of Cooking: How to Survive on your Own (U, YA, N)

Should you boil or braise your meal? What temperatures are required to cook meat? What’s in a good pantry for your kitchen? These are all questions we ask when we start to transition towards living a life off the college campus. The first step in being a master chef is learning how to conquer the basics of cooking. This session led by the Founder and President of Campus Cooks will explore basic cooking terminology, fundamental cooking concepts, and will prepare you to survive life in the kitchen on your own beyond graduation.

Presenter: Bill Reeder (Northwestern ’92), Campus Cooks Founder and President

Invest in your Professional Development at the PDC (U, YA, SA)

In October 2017, the Fraternity hosted its inaugural Professional Development Conference (PDC) in Chicago, IL. During the conference, 138 undergraduates and 24 alumni coaches teamed up with PIVITU, a high impact professional development organization,  to engage in comprehensive conversations around how to leverage individual skills and resources to build a successful career. The conference focused on four core principles: personal brand building, individual coaching, career metrics and custom career blueprints.   Come learn more about how you can get involved with the program as a coach, attendee or sponsor.

Presenter(s): Jimmy Palumbo, Chief Employment Officer – PIVITU, James McLendon (SIUE ’10), Associate Director of Member Development, Woody Woodson (Arizona ’00) & Andrew Rus (Capital

The Great Joy of Serving Others: Adopting Phi Psi’s New Focus on Poverty (U, AA)

The Fraternity recently announced a new focus in our service and philanthropy efforts: addressing poverty issues. Led by members of the Fraternity’s Service & Philanthropy Task Force, this interactive session will explore the complexity of how to address poverty, strategies to adopt the new focus, ideas for ways to make an impact, and methods to measure your impact. Join us to learn more about how you can become an integral part of the Fraternity’s collective efforts towards addressing poverty.

Presenter(s): Phi Kappa Psi’s Service & Philanthropy Task Force – Kyle Hickman – Senior Director of Member Development (Lycoming ’07), Todd Salen (Illinois ’77), Joey Stemmle (VCU ’12), James Mulholland (Maryland ’13)

OmegaFi Tips and Tricks: Making the Most of Your Partnership (U, A, HC)

Learn how to hold your members accountable, make it easier for them to pay, increase your revenue, easily pay your bills, and keep track of it all on the go with the help of OmegaFi.   Chapters are encouraged to utilize finance and management tools provided on the OmegaFi app, and you can hear directly from their staff on how to get the most from the partnership and become a super user ready to take your chapter’s finances to the next level

Presenter(s): Addison Schopp, OmegaFi Director of Partner Success & Brandon Dean, Customer Success Manager

Phi Psi’s “Community” Endowment (YA, SA, AA, A, HC, N)

The Phi Kappa Psi Foundation is one of the country’s largest Greek foundations and manages over 350 chapter-specific funds for the benefit of our chapters and brothers. This breakout is designed as an opportunity for you to learn about YOUR Foundation and how it can assist in the development of YOUR chapter.

Narrator: Marc Persson (F&M ’97), Foundation Trustee

Panelists: Foundation Trustees Don Fites (Valparaiso ’53), Fred Hegele (Ohio State ’63), Bruce Jackson (Case Western ’70) and Tim McCourt (Washington ’78)

Fraternity/Endowment Fund Update (all audiences)

Spend some time learning about the positive relationship developments between the Fraternity and Endowment Fund. This session will be driven by a Q&A format.

Presenter(s): Shannon Price (Alabama ’88), National Vice President and Jim Denny (W&J ’68), Foundation Trustee

Saturday, July 14 11:15 a.m.- 12:00 p.m.

Volunteer Involvement: Maximizing Your Impact (YA, SA, AA, A, HC, N)

Have you always wondered how you can get more involved with Phi Kappa Psi? Maybe you’ve wanted to facilitate for a leadership program? Or you want to serve as an advisor but don’t know the process to get started? Or maybe you just don’t even know how you can connect with the Fraternity as an alumnus? Join us for this session to learn more about the variety of opportunities available for you to contribute your time, talents and/or treasure to Phi Kappa Psi and its future.

Presenter(s): Alumni Engagement & Member Development Teams at Phi Kappa Psi

Navigating the New Phi Psi Portal (All audiences)

We are excited to present a new Phi Psi Portal to our members. This session is an opportunity for you to learn about the new technology that Phi Kappa Psi will be rolling out to our members this summer. Some of the exciting new features include updating officer information, updating rosters, sending text messages to other members, submitting documents, the document library, chapter websites, and much more.

Presenter: Michael Morin (Loyola ’11), Client Relations Specialist – ChapterSpot

Strengthening Your Chapter through Charitable Giving Campaigns (HC, SA)

Healthy chapters require continual investment in leadership, scholarship and housing. The Phi Kappa Psi Foundation can play an important role as you consider the viability, design and execution of a transformational chapter project. From project evaluation and campaign counsel to communications such as chapter newsletters and email solicitations, the Foundation is positioned to provide important counsel and services to achieve success.  Attend this session whether your chapter is in the early phases of considering your next big move or ready to launch a project!

Minding Your Money: Planning for your Dreams (U, YA, N)

For many of us, planning for major life moments like retirement, additional education or buying a house after college can seem like a scary concept, but it’s critical for long-term sustainability. In this session, finance expert Rico Hernandez will help you understand why investing is important, how to assess your risk profile, the investment options available to you, and when to hire a financial advisor.Prepare to leave with a better idea of how to organize your financial future.

Presenter(s): Rico Hernandez (Stanford ’78), CFO & Adjunct Professor of Accounting

Bursting the Bubble: A Responsible Approach to Social Media Engagement (U, YA, SA, N)

In 2018, social media has become apart of daily life, often consuming precious time and energy. While social media is a brilliant 21st century mechanism, it comes with several negative effects on mental health that are hard to ignore, especially for youth.  Join us as we explore the social psychology of this phenomenon, and how it controls the way we think and interact, as we discuss a more responsible approach to social media engagement.

Presenter(s): Kyle Hickman (Lycoming ’07), Senior Director of Member Development – Phi Kappa Psi & Adam Miller (Capital ’10), Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist – Robert Half Technology

Sex Jeopardy (U, YA)

Looking for an open and honest discussion about all things sex? Would you rather not have to secretly use Google or WebMD the next time you have a sex-related question?You may know a lot about sex, but Drew Kerwood,Phi Psi’s Health and Wellness Consultant who is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Human Sexuality, might have some interesting insights for you as well. Also, free condoms!

Presenter: Drew Kerwood, Health & Wellness Consultant – Phi Kappa Psi


Alumni Affairs

This committee will review and discuss the Fraternity’s engagement with alumni. Topic areas will include Chapter Advisory Teams, Alumni Associations, House Corporations, Alumni Training and increasing alumni involvement.


This committee will discuss the strategy and mediums that are used to communicate to constituents of the fraternity, including: Alumni, volunteers, undergraduates, parents.


This committee will review proposed amendments to the Constitution, Bylaws and Rules of Phi Kappa Psi and make recommendations to the Grand Arch Council regarding each proposal.


This committee will discuss the strategy currently in place to grow the number of Phi Kappa Psi Chapters, including the set standards to qualify possible chapters, expectations for new colonies and a general report on the continued development of the expansion process.


This committee will review and discuss the finances of the fraternity from 2016 – 2018.

Fraternity Education

This committee will review and discuss changes to the new member education program and process as well as the development of continued education for undergraduate and alumni members.


This committee will discuss the policies and practices currently in place to maintain/enhance the recruitment and retention of undergraduate members.


The Philanthropy Committee will discuss the Fraternity’s new philanthropic focus on addressing poverty issues, the rollout of 2019 Service Immersion Trips, and the overall philanthropic impact of Phi Kappa Psi over the last biennium.

Ritual and History

This committee will discuss the rituals of the fraternity, including the fraternity’s ceremonies. This committee will also engage in conversation and education surrounding the fraternity’s history.


This committee will discuss the academic performance of chapters and review academic policies and material for chapters.

State of the Fraternity

The Committee on the State of the Fraternity shall inquire into the condition of the several organizations of the Fraternity, and report thereon to the Grand Arch Council.