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The Professional Development Conference (PDC) is a unique opportunity for undergraduates to enhance or develop their professional skills through vigorous workshops and one – on – one coaching. It is also an incredible opportunity to build a network of members including seasoned alum from across the country. Our partnership with Jimmy Palumbo and PivitU has made this program an overwhelming success in its first two years.

Upon leaving PDC students will:

Develop their personal “brand” both online via LinkedIn and through resume development

Create their own elevator pitch to use in any networking setting

Build an action plan for career planning after the program

Gain an understanding of the professional on – boarding process

Learn winning interview strategies

Interview prep

Resume development

One-on-one coaching

Professional panels

“The best advice I got out of PDC was how to build your own brand to position yourself a cut above the rest. I plan to continue to develop my personal brand throughout my entire career and never get complacent,”

-Nicklaus Brincka (Syracuse ’17)

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Alumni Coaches

One of the most integral components of PDC’s success is the outstanding group of alumni coaches. The coaches lead undergraduates through the weekend in their small groups. The coaches are incredible sources of knowledge from several different career fields. They make themselves available for attendees by working with them outside of the designated program time and following up after the program. Expectations of the coaching role include:

Staying on – site for the duration of the program (Thursday – Sunday)

Being present for all aspects of the program

Attend a virtual training pre – program

An open mind and ear for undergraduates

Several of our previous coaches have had incredibly positive and fulfilling experiences.

“It was an incredible opportunity to impart lessons learned from the professional world onto our students. I really gained a great deal of respect and pride in our current undergraduate leaders from our immersive small group sessions.” – Adam Miller (Capital ‘10)

“Great way to connect and add value. You get energized by the students. Not to mention that you learn some things along the way as well.” – Chad Stegemiller (Butler ‘98)

“It is an opportunity to provide guidance and insight to those who will quickly need it. I am able to contribute to the success of others and the fraternity as a whole in a way that does not require me to be wealthy.” – Jordan Walters (Florida State ‘03)

“Other than connecting with future leaders, being a coach allows you to pay it forward.  We all find ourselves saying “If I only knew then what I know now…”; being a coach allows you share your knowledge to give the students a head start!” – Ruben Campos (Texas Tech ‘95)

Beginning June 3rd, applications will be available here for alum until Monday August 5th at 11:59pm. Coaches who aren’t selected may still be selected for the Post PDC Career Coaching Program.