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Woodrow Wilson Leadership School

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The Woodrow Wilson Leadership School (WWLS) occurs every odd summer for up to three members from each chapter.  The location and date for the 2019 program is close to being finalized.  More information will be available soon.  See below for an inside look at the 2017 program hosted at butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Two Tracks

The most recent version of WWLS had two tracks, the Leadership Academy track and the Emerging Leaders track. The Leadership Academy track was for rising members who are juniors or seniors who were looking to learn skills to help them lead their chapter and take those skills into their career beyond graduation. The second track was the Emerging Leaders. It was focused on sophomores who were up and coming members looking to learn from older members and lead their chapter in the future. Chapters were encouraged to send at least one member to both tracks.

The most recent version of the WWLS program focused on four key goals for undergraduates:

Harness natural talents to develop the best leadership skills possible
Explore the concept of mental health and self-care
Make a measurable and meaningful impact on communities
Understand how to create a leadership legacy which matters

Alumni Program

A special alumni program is being designed for those alumni who regularly work with undergraduate members. This program will help alumni accomplish several goals:

Become familiar with the ELEVATE program, and understand educational programs, resources and tools available
Understand today’s college students, including demographics and prevalent issues
Understand today’s chapters, including risks related to membership and facilities
Learn best practices for working with individual students and chapters
Acquire basic skills training to navigate issues/concerns related to today’s students
The schedule for the Alumni Track will be made available at a later date.

District Council Meetings and Archon Elections

Another aspect of WWLS is the District Council Meetings to elect the new slate of Archons, representing a majority of the Phi Kappa Psi Executive Council. These new archons will serve until the following WWLS in 2019. If you are interested in running for District Archon, visit the Archon Election Site.

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