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New Members

Phi Psi Family

We’re always happy to see our family grow, and that is why we celebrate the newest additions to the Phi Psi Family.  See below for the most recent contributors to the continuing development of our brothers.  It is because of these individuals that we are able to continue to drive our blossoming programming, expand our member education processes, and extend the most relevant information to our chapters.  We thank you so much for all that you give to the Fraternity.

Sarah Segner

Zach Stroth

Warren Hicks

Josh Blakely

Micah Kleid

Katie Shields

Mary Young

Morgan Sanders

Steve Qualkinbush

Haley Putnam

Rhonda Laylo

Ryan Harrington

Kayla Cullum

Ben Schwarz

Stephen Gowdy

James Mulholland

Monica Schnapp

Brooke Abel

Brandon Lortz

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