The Great Joy of Serving Others

Our Founders, William Henry Letterman and Charles Page Thomas Moore, possessed an intrinsic desire to care for their classmates at Jefferson College during an epidemic—and the Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity was born out of this concept. We are connected to our philanthropic past with the efforts of our 90,000+ members who impact the world around them. Phi Kappa Psi members are committed to our maxim of The Great Joy of Serving Others by addressing issues of poverty in our local communities. You can learn more about the poverty focus by navigating to this page.

The act of participating in philanthropy work is the process of identifying and addressing the root cause of the problems affecting a community. While philanthropy is sometimes referred to as an event that helps raise money for a charity, the foundational concept of philanthropy is about much more than that. Our philosophy is that the greatest philanthropic impact occurs when members engage in three distinct forms of philanthropy simultaneously:

  • Community Service: Members get hands-on with their community, providing a needed service. Examples of these types of projects include building a community garden, mentoring children of a local school or helping to build a home for a low-income family. Want to recommend a non-profit for our members to serve at? Use this form to make a recommendation.
  • Fundraising: Every organization needs financial resources to operate at capacity and maximize their impact. Our members learn more about the needs of their partner organizations and help them raise the funds they need. Examples can include collecting supplies for a homeless shelter or filling in the financial gap when an unexpected health care issue occurs.
  • Advocacy: When Philanthropy is done correctly, our members are passionate about the mission of their charity of choice. They are mutually invested in the organization’s success. Combined with performing service and raising funds, advocacy demonstrates a level of care that creates a deep meaningful connection between the chapter and the cause they choose to champion.

Do you want to address poverty in your community, but you’re not sure where to begin? If you would like to receive coaching from a Phi Kappa Psi staff member on how to get started, fill out this interest form.