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April 19-26, 2020

The Fraternity’s maxim, The Great Joy of Serving Others, is fundamental to who we are.  That is why we celebrate National Week of Service.  It is a dedicated time of the year in which undergraduates and alumni can come together and give back to the community in a collective capacity.  Participation in the National Week of Service is simple:

  • Each chapter and colony should participate in at least one service project during the week, you can also host a campus event focused on the philanthropy of your choice.

  •  Consider volunteering at an organization in your town that focuses on addressing poverty issues in your community.

  • If you’re a member of an alumni association, we offer you the same challenge: find a local service opportunity for your AA members to engage in service with our alumni brothers.

  • You don’t necessarily have to be involved in a formal capacity to participate.

  • We will be highlighting member participation on social media, so be sure to tag us in your posts using the #PhiPsiNWOS hashtag.

  • Undergraduate chapters should fill out the community service form in the accreditation program to report their National Week of Service event. If you have any questions about that process, you can contact your chapter’s Chapter Services Consultant.

You can also send photos of your service project to info@phikappapsi.com.  If you’d like to have your service story highlighted on the Phi Kappa Psi website, please visit the following link.  We’d love to be able to post your service stories ahead of National Week of Service so others in your area can join the cause.  You can do so by submitting your service event here.

Remember: by virtue of the commitment you took when you were initiated, you have a continuous call to action to serve others in need. While National Week of Service provides a valuable opportunity to get involved, here at Phi Kappa Psi, we hope you stay involved throughout the year.

Those looking to find out how they can get involved, here are some suggestions for volunteer opportunities:

  • Playground Clean-Up: Coordinate with a local Boys & Girls Club (or similar after-school program) to provide clean-up and maintenance to play space. You can also see if there is a wish list for recreational equipment and bring this to the location.
  • Habitat for Humanity: Contact a local Habitat affiliate to assist in any housing projects in your area. This is a great way to be hands-on with community development.
  • Give Time to Senior Citizens: Work with your local community or senior citizen center to setup a visit and interact with the residents.
  • Children’s Hospital Visit: Contact a local children’s hospital to coordinate a wide-scale community donation or fulfill another need of the hospital. With this opportunity, please be mindful this likely will not include direct patient contact, but will still be a great chance to positively impact children and families.
  • Park Clean-Up: Contact your local Parks and Rec and coordinate a park clean-up; consider inviting other organizations to join you.
  • Share the Skill: Work with your local community center to setup a class where you teach local folks a particular skill of yours (e.g. social media marketing, accounting, etc.)
  • Volunteer at an Animal Shelter: Contact a local animal shelter and offer your support. This may include working with the animals, or it may be working with facility needs.
  • Provide a Meal: Ronald McDonald Houses provide home-cooked meals to families staying in their spaces while their child gets needed medical care. For brothers with culinary skills, this is a great way to provide comfort in a difficult time.
  • Odd Jobs: Provide hands-on service to residents of your local community. Examples include raking leaves, shoveling snow, organizing firewood, etc.
  • Event Preparation Work with a philanthropic organization to help prepare or execute for upcoming fundraising events they may have. This could include preparing registration materials, setting up space, distributing supplies, or coordinating logistics.

Opportunities are not limited to this list.  We highly encourage you to look at the needs of your community and find an appropriate initiative that will address those needs.  Continuing a project that had been undertaken in years past is also encouraged.

For more information on National Week of Service, please contact Kyle Hickman, Senior Director of Member Development, at kah@phikappapsi.com.