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Service Immersion Trips

In congruence with our new philanthropic focus on addressing poverty, Phi Kappa Psi is pleased to announce that we have finalized a new Service Immersion Trip program to take place in two locations in the late spring of 2019. Specific dates are TBD, and the cities selected are:

Denver, CO                                              Twin Cities, MN

These cities were selected after extensive research by the Fraternity’s Philanthropy Committee. They will provide us with great opportunities to explore poverty issues in major US cities and have potential for ideal alumni engagement. 15 students will be selected per trip, and applications will go live in October. This page will be updated regularly to give you the most accurate information.

What is it?

The Phi Kappa Psi service immersion trips are a unique opportunity for a select group of Phi Psi undergraduates to participate in a week-long experience with a targeted cause in a community of need. Led by staff and volunteers, students learn about the social, political and cultural factors that can affect a community, while dedicating their time and energy towards to hands-on service projects to learn about the potential for community impact and change. Students learn about themselves as servant leaders, how they can become advocates for important causes, how to get others involved in important service initiatives, and why a lifetime of service is an important commitment of a Phi Kappa Psi brother.

Who is it for?

Phi Kappa Psi is seeking undergraduate men who demonstrate a strong moral character, a commitment to serving their communities, and academic excellence to apply for this program. Brothers must be in good standing with their chapter and initiated for at least one full academic term to be eligible to apply and attend. Though the selected brothers will pay a registration fee, most of the trip costs will be covered by grants through the Phi Kappa Psi Foundation.

The Experience

The goal of these Service Immersion Trips is to provide attendees with a transformative cultural experience by learning about history of the community, the stories of the people, and other aspects of the local culture and its influencers. Through this program we plan to bring together brothers from across the country to build comradery and develop lifelong connections through the actions of service. This trip aims to instill a deeper commitment to service by helping the attendees understand just how much they can impact a community through their own personal efforts. It is important to recognize specific talents and passions  an individual possesses so that they will continue to grow and contribute their time and efforts after this trip.

The Service Immersion Trips will challenge attendees to explore the tough concepts of social identity and privilege. They will be taught to analyze the roles that these social identities play in their own interpersonal relationships and lives, and learn how their experience differs from that of their peers. They will be asked to recognize the concept of privilege, how it affects their communities, and how it can be used to serve others. This reflection will prompt attendees to explore how they can use their social identity to make a positive difference through service, philanthropy, and advocacy work during the trip and back home in their own respective communities. Those participating in these trips will also be taught at least two practical hands on skills of a trade or craft during the service activities.

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